Thursday, September 30, 2010

2011 Chevrolet Camaro convertible

Will be introduced to the public in January.
It will be available later in the year starting at $30 000 for the 312hp V6.

Which is a bit weird. I hear the 2012 model year gets a revised interior. Just wonder why the all new convertible doesn't start for the 2012 model year.
Or does it...

VW new mid sized sedan

It still has no official name.
It will be built in the US, for the US.

It will be roomier and cheaper than the Passat it replaces. And so far, it does look much better than the revised 2011 Passat Europeans are getting.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jaguar C-X75 Concept

What a stunning looking machine.

I am usually not into these crazy concepts that will never make it into production, but this is pretty amazing.

Let's just hope a little bit of it ends up in their upcoming small 2 seater sports car they are working on...

2012 Toyota Prius Alpha?

That's what some people seem to call the larger version of the Prius coming out next door.
Even with all the camouflage, you can see the resemblance with the current "regular" Prius.

It has a more wagon like shape and will be able to seat 7.

I'll have more on this soon...

Fiat 500 in the US

On its way to Las Vegas...

It's coming over here, and I can't wait.

2011 VW Passat, not so "all new"

They just did the usual mid cycle refresh. Front, rear, fenders.
And they will pass it up for "all new", again, as usual.

2011 VW Passat becomes ugly

At least on these horrible official pictures.
The rear especially seems like a huge step backward.

And even though the interior is pretty much the same, this new dark brown/beige combo reminds me of what Honda was doing until now.
Not at all as classy as their current black/tan interiors.

Basically, they just changed it enough to ruin it.

Thank God this will probably not make it over here, the Passat being replaced in the US by their all new mid sized sedan coming out next year.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2011 Chevrolet Montana.

Not for us.

The tiny pick up will be offered in South America.
With a choice of a 1.4 and 1.8 Liter engine.

I think it looks like something that would sell here too.
If GM was really looking for something different that is.

Like taking a chance in pioneering a new market.

New MG3

MG seems to be on a roll lately.
The MG6 has been getting quite a few positive reviews in Europe.
And this small MG3 model looks quite modern.

I guess it would compete with cars like the Mazda2.

Just wondering if the Chinese owners will finally decide to bring the MG brand back into the US...

Another picture of the new Saab 9-4X

Still looking really good.

Europe will get a few new Diesel engines and maybe a smaller 1.6 Liter as the base engine.
Here in the US, the 2.0 Turbo could be the main choice.

All new Hyundai Azera

With less and less camouflage, and looking so much better than the current car.

I guess this will compete mainly with the Avalon, Taurus and the next Chevrolet Impala.
None of which are very popular anymore....

Next Lancia Ypsilon = New Chrysler Compact?

Why not.
Chrysler and Lancia will mere into pretty much one brand within a few years.
So this new, redesign small Ypsilon could very well end up over here as a new Chrysler compact model.
It is about 8 inches longer than a Fiat 500 and uses engines ranging from 1.2 to 1.4 Liter.
So this is quite a small car.
But it could give Chrysler something new and interesting.

As you can see, the next model will be available as a 5 door. Which is not available with the current generation.

This current generation came out in 2003, with a few changes in 2006.
So it is time for a new one.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Own your own "officially licensed" Batmobile!

For "just" $150 000.
This is the price you have to pay to live your childhood's dream of driving one.
Sure, it is based on what they call a "70's Lincoln". So it won't drive like an Aston Martin.
But I bet you will make more friend anywhere you go.

There is just nothing like driving a Batmobile...

Here are some of the specs. And click on the title for more info.

* Opening aluminum five door roll-top dashboard that includes fuel, water, and oil gauges, headlight and bright switches, key and push button ignition, warning light switch, a high end DVD/CD Player/Radio with a 7" LCD screen, and the Remote Computer Switch

* Deluxe six speaker sound system with two amps and a sub-woofer

* Finished dashboard ends and windshield post extensions, just like the original

* Chrome painted sweeps on the door panels

* Chrome painted strip across the dashtop that matches the door sweeps

* Terrific dashboard label placards

* Working gear shift indicator lights with a neutral safety switch

* Working green triangle turn signal indicator lights

* Five light sequence flasher under the arch

* Working "rocket exhaust" flame thrower, custom-made from heavy gauge steel, with a hidden ignition device

* Chromed "triple rocket tubes" behind the rear windshields

* Accurate stainless door sill chevron plates

* Accurate faux air conditioning vents on the rear package tray

* Radir rims with accurate spinners

* Phone pedestal and Batphone

* Detect-a-scope with green Lumadisk and working lights, with accurate custom-built knobs

* Accurate roll-bar arch, that narrows at the front, and widens at the back, covered in leather

* Accurate chromed beacon cage and red beacon light

* Accurate right and left aerial antennae "antlers"

* Automatic gold antenna grid, operated from a knob on the dash top

* Increase Output knob molded from an original vintage knob

* Custom-built, accurate Futura steering wheel, with working turn signal switches in the pods, and a polished aluminum bezel, and working lights

* Working headlights, front and rear turn signals, and brake lights

* Custom-built, accurate Futura leather seats, with chrome painted seat surrounds

* Electric actuators that open the hood or trunk with the flip of a switch

* Accurate reproduction of the "batcave radio link" rear antenna

* Accurate grilles for the headlights and the front and rear openings, bolted to the car

* Durable 1/4 inch thick windshields, mounted on the top of the windshield lip, just like the original

* The most accurate one piece center console, complete with light, fire extinguisher, custom-milled aluminum grille, and blue triangle knobs, with milled and polished aluminum insets around the light, the blue triangle knob, and behind the fire extinguisher

* A "real" show car quality $20,000 paint job is included, with six passes of clear coat that are sanded and buffed to an extraordinary shine

* The underside of the car body is painted black

* Brand new 350 GM crate motor with warranty

* Brand new TH350 GM transmission with warranty

* Brand new alternator, distributor, oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, ignition coil, and an Edelbrock carburetor and intake Manifold

* Brand new fuel cell and new fuel line

* Brand new dual exhaust

* Brand new racing performance radiator

* The frames are powerwashed, sandblasted, and painted with POR 15

* The underside of the floor pan is powerwashed, sandblasted, and painted with POR 15

* 1/4" thick fiberglass body, with non-binding doors, hood and trunk

* Steel plates are fiberglassed to the body during construction for added strength when mounting the chassis

* Reinforced with LOTS of THICK-walled steel square tubing

* Fin bodylines that come to a knife point, just like the original

* Built-in solid fiberglass rockers that connect the body to the floor pan

* Built-in fiberglass dash top and rear package tray

* Heavy gauge steel firewall and engine apron walls

* Heavy gauge steel wheel well tubs to protect the car from rocks

* Deep set headlights, just like the original

* Deep set tail lights, just like the original

* Built from a 1970's Lincoln Town Car that we provide (Title and VIN tag are included)

Saab 9-4X

Just a small shot of a pre-production model so far.
But it does look good, and pretty much like the concept I saw in Detroit a few years ago.

This could be a hit for Saab if priced right and marketed correctly. As in letting people know it even exists.

Could be really good competition to the Audi Q5.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Land Rover Evoque 4 door

Here it is, from the Paris auto show. Before the opening...

Adding 2 doors doesn't seem to ruin the design. At all.

And the cream/black interior pictures here looks much better to me than the 70's style orange combo we saw a few days ago.

A really nice looking car...

Friday, September 24, 2010

2013 Infiniti Electric car

Infiniti will offer its first full electric model for the 2013 model year.
This is the first sketch of it.

It will be based on the Nissan Leaf, but will have its own design and interior.
Being an Infiniti, it will, of course, be more luxurious and sporty.

We'll see what that mean exactly.

it does look like electric cars are finally on their way. Everybody seems to have one, or more, in the works.

The future is finally happening...

Opel GTC Concept

This coupe version of the Astra looks production ready to me.
And ready to become a small Buick as well.

Although that might just be me daydreaming again...

2011 Toyota Highlander

Just a few changes, similar to what they were showing at the Moscow auto show a few weeks ago.
The Hybrid version (below) now has a different front end.

It now has 3 row seating standard, engines are the same.
Except for the V6 Hybrid which gets a bump from 3.3 Liter to the newer 3.5 Liter.

Otherwise, it still manages the amazing feast of being ugly and boring at the same time.
Seems that anything else for the price ($27 500 to $43 000) is better looking...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2012 Hyundai Azera

It already looks more original than the Genesis sedan.
Which isn't saying much, really.

But I am still not sure why they would even try this again. It's not like the Avalon and Maxima sell in big numbers anymore.
The Sonata tops at about $28 000 and the Genesis starts at $33 000. I guess they feel the need to fill that $5000 void.
Or just be like everyone else...

We'll see....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2012 Land Rover Evoque

SO we finally see what the interior looks like.
It's hard to say, with this horrible orange color everywhere...

It will be available with 2 or 4 doors. The engine is a 2.0 Liter with 240hp.
Europe will also get a couple of diesels versions we won't be getting over here.
And it will be FWD or AWD.

Sounds and looks pretty interesting so far...

Monday, September 20, 2010

2011 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

There is a new engine available in the A1 for 2011.
A small 1.4 Liter with both A Supercharger and a Turbo.
The whole thing puts out 185 hp. through a 7 speed auto.

It is said to average 40MPG (US).

Quite amazing. And what a formidable competition to the Mini Cooper S.
But not here. We are still not scheduled to get the A1 in the US....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2012 VW Passat CC

Looks like what VW has been doing for the past 2 years: crafting the new front end design to all their current cars.

But it still work on the CC, at lest for me.

I also hope the CC stays in the US line up once the regular Passat disappears ...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

BMW 6 series Coupe concept

"Concept"... Sure.

What you see here is pretty much the next 6 series that is coming out next year.
I don't know why they even call this a concept.

BMW has said the Grand Coupe concept from a while ago is going into production. This new 6 series coupe looks like a 2 door version of the previous concept.
So I guess the next 6 series will have 2 body stiles, 2 and 4 doors.

The 4 door one is just a weird idea.
Another 4 door between the 5 and 7 series?

At least the new Audi A7 is a hatchback, which does make it something different....

Friday, September 17, 2010

2012 Ford Focus ST

The Focus family picture wasn't really complete without the new ST model.
It also mean there will be no 2 door Focus around with the new generation. Like the current Euro ST.

Offering 250hp from the new Ecoboost 2.0 Liter.
In line with the Mazdaspeed3. But the 2.0 Liter Turbo in the Solstice offered over 260hp...