Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SAAB to resume production!

Both the 9-3 convertible and the all new 9-5 sedan will be in production in January.
Just a few days after GM announced it was killing the brand.

Now GM says they moved the deadline to find a new buyer to January 7th.
If so, why start production? What if they can't sell it?

It's just really weird, but at least there is still a little bit of hope. We could actually see the new 9-5 on the road one day.
A much better though than the recent rumors about turning it into a Buick for the US and an Opel Senator for Europe.
I saw the car in person, and it is a Saab. Nothing else.

And a really good looking one.


Anonymous said...

GM is using the usual negotiating bluffing BS to get what they need. How much can you squeeze out of a 3 car company?

Anonymous said...

I always felt there end of dec was just a stupid ultimatum and didnt hold any water, typical lousy Gm decisions, don't they realize we see there press releases and laugh when they cant hold there word ?
A fine example of this was when they said they would not do a pontiac G3 and 3 weeks later they released one to there dealers, boy that was a hot seller ! theyll never learn......

SalvatoreBellomo said...

I have to say, I was never a fan of Saab until recently. With the new 93 and its headlight design I started feeling the... Saabness. GM has to stop this badging game! This as a buick!? Even though I like the new design of Buick, really all they are is a fake opel. So are American cars just a joke? Gm sucks

anantonopo said...

Hey Vince,

9-5 is actually on roads already.
See here:

It will be all greek for you, as the site is Greek, but still you can see the photos of a 9-5 in a wonderful blue color.

Vince Burlapp said...

I have seen these pictures. They are of pre-production cars.
Not full production.

douchbag jones said...

i say let them die

Anonymous said...

they will make enough cars to outfit the GM execs in Detroit just like they did with the G8.

Anonymous said...

Spyker is pushing to maintain production of the 9-5 and new 9-4X through their current channels and focusing the energy of the company on putting out a totally new 9-3 much earlier than normal since it is the bread and butter model. THey're also looking to raise capital to get a limited-run production model of the Aero-X..... badass! That would be a resurgent Saab if you asked me.... even people who hate Saab had to admit the Aero X was awesome.

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2009 1:25 PM said: "really all they are is a fake opel. So are American cars just a joke?"

And Lexus is a fake Toyota.

And Acura is a fake Honda

And Jaguar is a fake Lincoln

And Volvo s80 is a fake Tarus/500

And Saab is a fake Opel/Chevy

And Maybach is a fake Mercedes S

And Rolls-Royce is a fake 7-series

And Bently is a fake Audi A8

And A6 is a fake Passat.

So, by THIS joker's opinion; I guess ALL luxury are a joke!

Either that, or this gut is just some ignorant idiot who's prejudiced against AMERICAN Ingenuity.