Thursday, December 03, 2009

2012 Buick compact sedan

GM released today a poster of what they see as the perfect Buick family for the next couple of years.
It includes the new Lacrosse, the Regal and an even smaller model.
The one I posted a few days ago. (Bottom pic)
The car will be a sedan version of the Opel Astra. Similar to the new Buick Excelle for the Chinese market.


Anonymous said...


ChevroletGuy said...

That picture you posted is clearly a chop as the headlights don't match the sketch and the rear profile looks more like a fastback then a notchback.

SlippedClutch said...

I prefer the roofline of the artists' rendering. It could end up being a really good little car.

Anonymous said...

being a longtime small car & hatch lover, SUDDENLY Buick is becoming interesting :D

just wish they'd find a way to offer a hatch on the sedan -- a Skoda Superb-style one would be near irresistable!!!