Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2011 Saab 9.5 Combi

Not sure if this is the real thing yet.
But we might never see it anyway.

The future of the whole brand in uncertain, to say the least.
GM said yesterday that Spyker is the only interested buyer left. After selling the tooling from the previous generation 9.5 and pre facelift 9.3 to the Chinese.
GM will make a decision before the end of the month, so Saab might not be alive next year.

It's really too bad. I saw the new 9.5 in person and it looks great. And they have an all new 9.4 X around the corner.
It would be a shame.
So, if everyone sends me about 10 000 (Or whatever you can ), I will put an offer myself for Saab before the end of the month.
We will all own a bit of it.

How about it?


Anonymous said...

screw u, I am not sending you my 10,000

Anonymous said...

GM. you shut put SAAB on ebay.
everyone is using ebay nowadays.

just make sure the buyer pays by paypal...

Anonymous said...

GM didn't sell the tooling from the pre-facelift 9-3, they sold the tooling for the previous GENERATION 9-3.

Although I do like the idea of pooling out $$ to buy Saab.

Anonymous said...

That car is hot. I hope they make it, that is the sexiest premium wagon on the market....

Anonymous said...

why do they even bother trying? saab sells like 70-80 cars every month. a saab dealership in north america probably experience more earthquakes than making a sale.