Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2011 Audi A1

These don't seem to be the real thing yet.
But they do look pretty realistic.

And a bit boring, I must say. This doesn't look as much fun as the Mini or Fiat 500.
Not much history or personality at all.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't come close to a mini. Like the A8, all the style exists in the plastic bits and the lighting and not in the lines of the bodywork. I'd go for a GTI or a Volvo C30 over this.

Anonymous said...

The stogy K-Car of German Hatchbacks.

toyota is better said...

fat little porky pig eh?

Anonymous said...

Nice little car. Probably too expensive but probably drives great...like every German car sold in the States.

SalvatoreBellomo said...

I have an idea...Why dont they just rebadge the VW Scirroco (Probably spelled wrong)!?

Anonymous said...


Actually, these ARE the real thing.

An undisguised A1 was photographed on the set of a Justin Timberlake video. Which is logical considering Audi just made him a brand ambassador, whatever that means.

The car looks exactly like this, only the shots you put up are considerably more grainy.