Sunday, December 06, 2009

2010 BMW 5 series GT

So many things wrong here.
First the starting price before options. Which is pretty crazy.
Then there is the horrific 15/21 MPG rating. For a 2010 car!
Sure, it has a lot of power. But in this car, a 5 door luxury hatchback sedan, a bit less than 400hp will do just fine.

The car is actually pretty impressive in person, but the great BMW 6 cylinder should be plenty.


Anonymous said...

"The car is actually pretty impressive in person,"

--No, it's not. I've been to the BMW dealer, I've seen it first hand. It just isn't all that great. It's "O:K". I left without any desire to ever get one.

Anonymous said...

What's impressive is that it ever made it to production. "Ultimate Driving Machines" my ass! I want to love BMWs again, but I just can't. The latest crop of BMWs are tragic.

Fusion Sport said...

I hope it has a 30 gallon gas tank because even if I had the money, it's just not worth the hassle stopping at a gas station every 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen it in person and can imagine it probably looks like a low-riding X6.

Anonymous said...


1. It is based off of the 7 Series platform, of course it is going to be bigger, more expensive and less fuel efficient.

2. It has a twin turbo V8, it isn't MEANT to be efficient. They have diesels for that.

3. It is a very nice vehicle.

Anonymous said...

This is one BMW we could have done without. Too expensive and only God knows what nitch this is trying to occupy.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's why it's called a GT!

The CTS-V's mileage numbers are horrendous too at 12/18, but that's because it's got some ridiculous-sized Corvette engine in it.

And the fact that cars weigh so damn much these days doesn't help either.

douchbag jones said...

for the price of this nazi peice of crap you can get a nice peice of property in c beautiful modesto california soemthing you can be proud of for generations sot come this