Sunday, May 31, 2009

2010 Audi A8

The A8 is one of these cars that just gets redesigned "once in a blue moon" (The current one came out in 2003) and the "new" one always looks pretty much the the same as the "old" one...

Opel deal!

Fiat looses, Magna wins.

-Magna owns 20%
-Russian Sberbank owns 35%
-Opel employees own 20%
-GM still owns 35%

That means GM could still have access to Opel cars for sales in the US.
Not bad news.

2010 Mercedes E Class wagon

Another one.
Another Mercedes that looks like it was designed in 1990...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Test driving an old classic


I am driving new Beetles this week, coupe and convertible. And will report on them soon.
Go ahead if you have any questions...

2010 Toyota 4 Runner

The next version of the 4 Runner was almost canceled by Toyota, but it was too late.
The current market is pretty much the worse it's ever been to launch a new truck based SUV.
The Lexus GX version is coming out this fall in the US. Not sure when the Toyota will be out.

There is a possibility that, at least in the US, the V8 version of the 4 Runner will be dropped. An the new base engine could be the 2.7 Liter engine now used in other Toyotas. A 4.0 Liter V6 would be optional.

Good luck selling this one...

Friday, May 29, 2009

New Accord hatchback???

This car was caught by someone from the vwvortex forum (Click on the title for the link and more pics).

It doesn't look at all like the test mule they were driving around. The car was hidden as a wagon with much larger wheels etc...This looks like a straight hatch version of the Accord sedan.
Even the front end seems to be the facelift one we expect next year.
I do like hatchbacks, and big glass roofs. So I shouldn't say anything bad about this.
Still, it does look a bit big and heavy in the rear. Although not as horrific as the new BMW GT.

But the Euro Mazda6 Hatch is still much, much nicer looking...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More pictures of the Citroen DS3 Concept

Which is pretty much the same as the production car that will debut in September.
Basically a fancier coupe version of the upcoming all new C3 compact.

So not really a "new DS". They just use the name to fool people into thinking the legendary DS is back.

But hey... These would make great Saturns over here, wouldn't they?
Saturn could turn into a slightly more upscale and super modern looking car company.

Much. much better than what Renault could send over here through their Samsung affiliate.

VW Polo coupe coming up?

The new Polo will soon be offered as a 3 door hatch and a 4 door sedan, in addition to the current 5 door hatchback model.
At least one of these will come to the US.
But they are now also talking about a coupe.

British magazine Auto Express seems to think the design will make the car look like a mini Scirocco.

Not a bad thing.

All new 2010 Opel Astra videos

I sure wish we could get this in the US.
It still might be a Saturn, if Magna gets it. And if they also get Opel.
Otherwise, under the Magna deal, GM would still own a huge chunk of the German car maker. So they could still bring it over here as a small Buick.

With a new Mazda3 already out, and the Euro Focus coming here in less than 2 years, I wonder what GM will have to offer as a Chevrolet.
The Cruze will look outdated by the time we get it over here.
Same problem they had with the Cobalt...

Besides the new Astra, I don't see any cool compact hatch in their future...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toyota SAI

The SAI is supposed to be Toyota's version of the all new Lexus HS 250h. Coming up later this year.
Which is itself a version of the new 3rd generation Prius.
So this is basically a Prius with a trunk, new front and interior.
Without all the Lexus luxury. And it would use the Prius's smaller 1.8 Liter engine.

Not sure if this will ever make it to the US yet.


Obnoxious Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got a free car today!
Like he needs one.
One of the richest man in the world just got a free Ford Fusion Hybrid from Alan Mulally.
CEOs helping CEOs

Are you kidding me right now???

Giving a Fusion to Ballmer is like giving a free stamp to Nelson Rockefeller.
Even as a PR event, it is an idiotic move.

Here is the guy they gave a free car to...

Renault Twingo CC

Another picture of the small 2 seater convertible based off the tiny Renault Twingo.
We probably will never see this here. Unless Renault actually ends up selling cars over here as Saturn.
But that seems to expensive.

I guess we might have to settle for the cheaper Samsung cars...

BMW X1 interior

Just a small shot.
Some kind of a teaser. Being smaller than the X3, that thing should end up being pretty small, while still pricey.
Remember when people thought the 1 series would be the "affordable BMW"?

I don't really see the point of this car. It seems that lately, BMW is coming out with plenty of stuff nobody was asking for...

2010 Cadillac SRX Price

The all new SRX will start at $34 155 for the 3.0 Liter V6 with Front wheel drive.
This is about $6000 less than the model it replaces.
But for a while, the new SRX was going to be called something else and sold as a cheaper car than the existing SRX. So it was designed and engineered from the beginning to be cheaper.
So no big surprise there.

But no matter what, It is still cost less than most of its competition, a good move from GM.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honda to compete with Smart?

Honda is apparently working on a super mini car to compete with the Smart, but especially the Toyota iQ (Scion in the US).
Not sure if it will be strictly 2 seater like the Smart or a small 4 seater like the Toyota.

Who would have know, just a few years ago, that these major players would actually sell cars that small in the US.
We're not sure about the Honda yet, but I bet they're watching Toyota's results with the Scion Version of the iQ closely...

Penske to get Saturn???

Seems that Roger Penske has a plant for Saturn, if he gets it.
He did have a meeting with the head of Renault, Carlso Ghosn, about 2 weeks ago. About selling cars from the Renault group through Saturn dealers.
But that would mean Korean cars from the brand Samsung, owned by Renault.
Not real Renaults...
And Penske is also mentioning that he would only get 250 of the 384 Saturn dealers out there.

So.. How about meeting some of these Samsung cars:

The all new SM3 Compact sedan is based on the Renault Megane sedan. This would go against the Corolla, Civic etc...

The QM5 would give the "new" Saturn a small compact SUV.
I saw a couple in Europe last year, and all I can say is that they don't look good in person. At all...
Wheels are way too small, the shape is from the 90's... It is based on the Nissan Rogue/Qashqai.

The big SM7 sedan is a version of our previous Maxima sold in Japan as the Nissan Teana, discontinued in Japan last year.
It uses the 3.5 Liter V6 from Nissan.

The only way these cars could work in the US is if they were cheap. Just like most Korean cars sold here.
A previous generation Maxima is still a good car. But not for $30 000.
At $23 000 it might have a chance.

We'll see...

2011 Toyota Yaris ?

Could be...

The new Yaris will stiff be offered as a sedan in the US. Where its main competition will be the all new Ford Fiesta.
There are also rumors of a Hybrid version that would be priced well under Honda's Insight.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Electric car from yesterday...

Another small treasure in Los Feliz.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nissan Murano Convertible

It was a weird idea when people first started talking about it, and it's still strange now.
It seems that the 2 door convertible version of the Murano is on track.
Why did they choose to make a convertible out of the Murano is beyond comprehension. When they could have an Altima Coupe convertible.

I was told these were real, but I'm not too sure.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New spy shots coming up...

Just letting you know.
I should have quite a few new spy shots coming up on the site in the next few days, so keep looking....

Who will own Opel?

According to the latest rumors, Magna could have a much better chance than Fiat to end up with Opel.

Fiat would cut 10 000 jobs. Magna, just " a few thousands".
Magna is also asking for less loan money.
Under Magna, GM would keep 35% of Opel. Another 35% would be own bythe Sberbank Bank, and 10% to the dealers.
Magna would actually only own 20% of the brand.

They is also interested in Saturn. Which would mean we could still get Opels in the US.
That would be good news...

We'll know more in the next few days...

Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Series GT video

Just some CGI version of the new 5 series.
But it does show how the weird hatchback works.
Very similar to the current Skoda Suberb.

More (and bigger) pictures of the new 2010 BMW 5 series GT

I like the interior design. Although there is really nothing new. It does feel modern and upscale.
And I usually do like hatchbacks.
But the way the hatch meets the lights seems just wrong and awkward...

Maybe, just like the X6, it looks better in person...
I think a lowered X6 would have looked much better.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First one I see!

All new BMW 5 series GT

Basically a hatch version of the upcoming new 5 series.
I am not sure why they choose to do that. A wagon will still be available. And usually, a hatch design could look better, or sportier.

But not here.... At all...

5 stars for the new 2010 Mustang

A better car than the previous one. And a safer one too...

I see these everywhere now. But they all seem to be rentals...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who will get Saturn???

A new report is claiming that talks between auto supplier Magna and GM are pretty far advanced.
Magna doesn't actually make cars. But they are also trying to buy Opel.
That means if the deal goes through, Saturns could still turn out to be American versions of Opel cars.
Which I think could be the best senario for Saturn.

Plus it could keep the Sky alive..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prius Aero Tourer

By Japanese tuner "Modellista".
I guess these guys can make your new Prius a bit more aggressive looking.
"Looking" is the key word here. This is just an after market kit that does not include a boost in performance.

Chery X5

Yet another ugly Chinese SUV coming up soon.
This one is a heavy beast powered by a small 2.0 Liter diesel good for only 125hp.


Next Hyundai Sonata interior

This is shaping out to be a very nice looking car.
Competing more with the Mazda6 than with the clunky looking Accord.

I guess it won't be long before we get much better pictures of the new Sonata.

Monday, May 18, 2009

All new Hyundai Sonata

First picture of an uncovered one.
And we can't see much can we...

One thing for sure, it'll have huge headlights...