Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chinese Auto Show medley

Brilliance FSV

Geely iG

Greatwall M3 SUV

JAC B Class

Roewe 550 R5

Here are a few of the cars and concept that were introduced this week in Shanghai.

Which one would you actually consider if it ever made it in the US


douchbag jones said...

all of these are pure crap from china we have enough good cars in the usa we dont t need this garbage

Soul2Stinger said...

Great wall M3....so that's what the 1st gen xB would have looked like in SUV form!

Bart said...

From these, I'd stick with the JAC. The Roewe is just a bit too plastic. The others are just utter crap it seems.

(I really prefer the Roewe N1 concept though)

Anonymous said...

All these cartoonish designs make the auto show look more like a comic book convention.

Anonymous said...

Roewe & MG, hands down!

Soul Brother No. 7 said...

Geely is at least trying to be different.

I like the Brilliance's front end.

But my choice would be the Roewe or JAC (why do they look alike?)

Anonymous said...

The Geely ig is a direct copy of the Scion Xb but with a different front end. How pathetic.