Sunday, August 31, 2008

2010 BMW 5 series

Still just an illustration.
Not surprises here.

The current one was a more original design when it came out. And I have grown to really like it.
Let's hope they don't chicken out and come up with something nice.

At least it'll be better than the upcoming Mercedes E Class...

Go stop by and take a look at their large selection of
Replica BMW Wheels.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

All new Golf/Rabbit not so new...

It's pretty obvious here.
What they call an all new car is really a pretty extensive "facelift" that includes an all new interior.
It seems that all the windows are the same.

Similar to what we'll see with the "all new" 2010 Mustang....

next Renault Scenic

When a new Megane comes out, you know a new Scenic isn't far behind...

So no surprises here.
This one, again, will look like a blown up, roomier Megane.


Thanks to all of you who gave me such a good feedback while I was in trouble with the "Paramount Man".

These pictures of the Volt were all over the internet within minutes. So they must have been pretty busy sending threatening letters to everyone.
But it made me feel great to have all of you guys supporting me.
I'm just trying to bring you the latest news.
We all love cars, that's all. Sometimes a little bit too much.

And I think there is no such thing as a mistake. That Volt was there to be caught on film. You know GM cannot wait to see what people think of it. They have a great car and they know it. They also want us to know it. As soon as possible...

Thanks again to all!!!

What could have been: New DeLorean

This car is supposed to be what John DeLorean was talking about in a 2001 interview .
It's just too bad this and the other one he was mentioning never happened.
Plus.. well. He died...

I still love the original Giugiaro designed DeLorean.
And actually wish I could own one...

Make sure you click on the title to see the video.

I have to admit, the Rondo would not be on my shopping list.
Mainly because I don't need that kind of car.
To carry 4 or 5 people, I would get a Mazda 3 or similar. But not something that looks and feels like a small minivan.
But.. Many people are OK with it.
So how does it drive?

Pretty well. The car has a really solid feel to it. Unlike most USVs it doesn't really lean in turns.
And the suspension is never too soft but always comfortable.
The engine is always smooth and quiet. (MY car had the 2.7 Liter V6)
but the transmission, even though it is smostly smooth, could feel a little "clunky" at times. Mostly when you are at slow speed. Shifts can be felt more.
Also when slowingdown, again at low speed. Sometimes you feel a little "clunk"...
The steering was fine. Ands o were the brakes.
But it always feels like you're driving a Minivan.

The interior isn't bad.
But the grey on my test car was a bit depressing. And the cloth felt pretty cheap.
But it sure is roomy.
The one I was driving only had 5 seats, so the trunk space was really good.

The fit and finish is mostly good. Except for some details.
Like the glove box pictured here.
And almost all plastic surfaces are hard to the tough.
And my average mileage wasn't really great. With about 20% freeway driving, I could barely get about 19MPG.

So there is a compromise.

But wait.
The car I drove retails for $19 845. CarsDirect has it for $17 555.
That is almost $4000 less than a Mazda 5. With a 4 cylinder engine.
And it is fully covered for 5 years.

So, it's like everything else. There is no free lunch.
The Mazda is more refined, but the Kia is much cheaper. And you do have to tell your friends about driving a Kia.
I know it should never be a problem, but it still is....

A good car, if a little bit unrefined.
Maybe you'll want to wait over a year and check out the next generation Ford C-Max available and built in the US...

VW Gol Variant (wagon)

Looks like VW is getting many versions of the new Gol ready.
First the hatch, then the Voyage sedan. Now this wagon and there will also be the cool looking small pick up.

Again, I just wonder if it might not be time for VW to bring back the Fox over here.

Brilliance in the US in 2009???

That's what they're claiming, again.
Chinese cars in the US next year. It's always seems to be "next year" doesn't it.
No matter what next year is...

Brilliance will be shipping 4 of its models to the Detroit Auto Show in January.
The BS4 and BS6 sedans, the FRV Compact hatch and the BC3 Coupe.
All these are pretty good looking cars. Brilliance has been working with Pininfarina and also Porsche.
It is actually with the help of Porsche that they were able to improve the safety and crash test results of the BS6 sedan.

We'll see.
This will happen one day or another. No matter how we feel about it....

Daewoo Veritas

Basically, a Holden sedan with a Daewoo face for the Korean market.
Or a Korean Pontiac G8...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Saturn Aura 2.4 L 6 speed test drive coming up

I know, I know.. I still have to post my notes on the Kia Ronda I was driving last week.
That's what week ends are for I guess.

But I am now driving a 2009 Saturn Aura. With a newly available 2.4 Liter 6 speed auto combo. Similar to what Chevy offers on the Malibu .
I think it's interesting to see a smaller engine available on the top of the line version of the Saturn mid sized car.
Toyota and Honda have been doing it for years. But so far, the Aura was only available with a V6.

Go ahead if you have any questions about it.
I'll report on it soon. With pictures and video.

Toyota iQ trunk

Sure, it's fine. Even better than expected.
With the rear seats down.

But it really looks like any rear passenger would be stuck against the rear window.
But I guess, when only 2 are in the car, the trunk space is actually pretty big...

Chery A6 CC testing

Even after a couple of years, it is still a very nice design. ( I believe from Pininfarina)
And the production model looks exactly like the concept.
I'm not sure now when Chery will start selling cars in the US, but it's just a matter of time.
Too bad the Chinse owners of MG decided this week against selling their car in the US . (They were supposed to start this year)

It will be interesting to see which one will be the first Chinese car to be sold in the over here...

Here is a picture of the concept, just as a reminder...

No production ZT

Mitsubishi has decided against a production version of the ZT Concept.
So what most people saw as the new Galant won't be happening.
Kind of weird because this one looked pretty much production ready.

It could mean a few things:

-They don't want replacement for the Galant
-They are designing something better.
-They gave up on the mid sized car market
-They gave up on making cars all together and are concentrating on high speed blenders.

What do you think?

Toyota Urban Cruiser

The European version of our Scion Xd will officially come out at the Paris auto show.
As you can see, it seems they are trying to market it more like a mini SUV than a small car. Interesting...

I always liked the Scion version of this car.

All new Toyota Avensis

Finally an official shot from Toyota.

The "smaller than our Camry" sedan looks much more interesting than the current model.
I wonder if our Camry will keep on growing anymore once gas hits $5 a gallon.
Maybe it wouldn't be such a horrible idea to base the US Camry on this.

What do you think?

Chevrolet Beat

Based on the concept. And it looks pretty close, except for the grille.
This looks to be the Daewoo version which will be sold in Korea.
The car sold in Europe will be a Chevrolet.
But GM has already announced the US won't be getting this.

I am still not really sure if this is an illustration or not. The rear door handles do not seem to match what I've seen in many spy shots.
So who knows, really...

Production Volt pictures

It looks like the real thing.
Caught on the set of the Transformer 2 movie.

This actually looks more interesting to me than the concept. Sure, the front end is not as original. But the rest of the car looks more modern.

I can't wait for this car.

Transformer 2 video. Including production Chevy Volt!!!

Just click on the title.

Pretty amazing footage towards the middle of the video.
This car looks great!

Thanks to Greg for this.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Alfa Momeo miTo Convertible

If the new Alfa MiTo really means to compete with the Mini, they would have to offer a convertible version, wouldn't they.

This illustration does look very nice. And let's hope Alfa comes back to the US in this Century.
I've been hearing it for over 10 years now.

There are now rumors about a deal with Chrysler to build Alfas in the US...

2010 Ford Mustang Hood

We can't really tell much of the car from it, but that's pretty much all we have for new.
It seems a lot more sculpted than the current one. That might mean the car itself could be much more interesting.

I still like the current Mustang, I hope they didn't' go too far with the redesign.
Just like the Fusion, pretty much all it needed was a better interior.
Even though the Mustang's was really not that bad for the price.

Be sure to check back soon for AmericanMuscle's line of
2010 Mustang

Next Acura NSX info

What we know so far:

-5.5 Liter engine with 600hp

Looking a lot like the Advanced Sport Car Concept (Pictured here)

I think this will just be one of these image cars that will make the cover of every car magazine when it comes out.
And that's it.
Very few people will actually get one...

New Versa front end?

Well, the japanese version of our Versa, the Tilda, is getting some small revisions. Which include a new grille.

I personally think the Nissan Versa is one of the worse looking car sold in our country. Especially the sedan. It looks to me like an 1980's eastern European car. Cheap and awkward looking.
I just don't get it. Nissan has many other small cars they could sell here instead of this.

I just hope the new Cube kills it in the US line up.

So this new front isn't really change anything...Is it...

New Mustang Logo

The classic Mustang logo will again be redesigned for the new 2010 model.
I guess this is the biggest Mustang news until we finally see the "new" one this November.

Let's also hope they replace the base V6 engine. 200hp from a 4.0 Liter engine should be acceptable in a 2010 car...

Stop by for some
Mustang Emblems to spice up
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paul Newman's last lap.

Mr. Paul Newman drove on the Lime Rock track in August 13 what will probably be his last race.
The track was closing its doors when he got to do one last lap with his favorite car, watched only by close friends.

A true Hollywood and car legend is getting ready to say goodbye.
Let's send him all our good thoughts. He has brought good things to so much to so many people.

Live every moment my friends....

Lada C-Cross Concept

Lada used to sell cars and trucks in Europe and Canada. Correct me if I"m wrong but I think they still do.

Now they are "partners" with Renault. Whatever that really means.
It's not hard to guess that this "Concept" is heading for production soon. There is really nothing new to it.
Except bringing Lada designs into the 21st Century (Barely...)

Not bad looking. More like a jacked up car than an SUV.

Cool car news video

Lots of cool news.

And a really cool host!

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Toyota iQ pictures

Sure. The back seat is super small.
But its there, right?

Toyota iQ in black

The interior seems more conventional than the Smart.
And it is much wider too.

I really hope they have enough guts to send this over here as a Scion.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Kia Forte pictures

I did drive a Civic last year. A nice car.
I actually like the "Star Trek interior".
And I did drive a Kia Spectra a couple of weeks ago.
Another decent car. Good power, solid feeling etc...

This Forte looks much better and more substantial than the Spectra.
So I guess this would be a really good choice against the Civic. Which is good looking, but not hat great,really.

And this looks much, much better than the "new" Corolla.

My advice is: All of these small sedans are kind of boring no matter what. This one looks good, probably drives good. And you can't beat the warranty. And save a few $1000s on top of that.

So , really.. Why not...

But... There is the "I drive a Kia " factor. if you're married with kids, and responsible, that's fine.
But if you're single, looking to have some fun with the opposite sex... That's another story...

Two new Seats coming up

First, the Exeo sedan and wagon. A large car for Seat, based on the Audi A4 platform.
The only thing is, it doesn't really look like a Seat. A bit boring.
But still. That could make a decent Passat replacement for the US. We are still supposed to get a US built model after the current Passat.

The little Tribu crossover/SUV looks more like a true Seat.
Not sure, but it looks like it might be based on the VW Tiguan.
And cheaper too...

Kia Rondo test drive coming up

I am driving a V6 Rondo for a few days.
So go ahead if you have any questions.

So far.... It drives surprisingly well. Feels very solid and quiet.
And plenty of smooth power.

But... It is to me one of the most unattractive ride out there. The interior is a sea of cheap looking shades of grey plastics.
Visually, it is pretty depressing, inside and out. And that's too bad.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Honda City

Looking really good.
Let's hope Honda gets smart and brings this over here.

It's about the size of the Civic from just a few years ago anyway.
The Fit is a big hit for them in the US (The new 2009 one will come out a whole month early) and I think this could be even more popular...