Saturday, January 19, 2008

Opel Corsa (!)

Yes, the little Corsa was at the show.

GM announced last year we will be getting the next version as a small Saturn. So I'm not sure why they showed the current model.

Maybe to make sure we get used to a really modern looking small compact.
Our eyes are so trained to boring stuff....


Anonymous said...

I like this. The Opel derived Saturns look great. Nice shade of blue as well.

Anonymous said...

The current Corsa is pretty recent (2006), so if they wait until the next version, the Fiesta may run away with this segment next year. They should just go ahead with this one now and jump ahead of Ford.
BTW, I love this blue too. The sports versions (known as OPC, for Opel Performance Center) of all Opel models are always shown in this colour. The Corsa OPC has a 192 hp engine