Wednesday, January 30, 2008


After seeing it in person, I can say it looks great. I though it was a stupid idea at first. But it does look quite striking in the flesh.

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Anonymous said...

You know, Vince, I agree.

It's unapologetically big and expensive. It doesn't make sense.

That's the bloody point.

It's that coveted idea of luxury that only a select few marques can achieve: everybody knows SUVs are about presence, posture, 'perceived ability' as image, and the BMW x6 has all of that. Plus the cargo space of a Volvo C30.

Infiniti and Acura won't be able to touch this market because their cars aren't as country-club aspirational.

The idea is that you have one of these...and you have a Range Rover Supercharged. And a Z4 roadster for the weekends. And a vintage 2002tii just because you're a true enthusiast (and your Dad left it to you before he kicked the bucket).

Remember the Audi Cross Coupe concept? I don't think they'll really build it (they need market share first, so they'll go after the Mini Cooper, the X3 and the 1-series), but it previewed the segment. Land Rover's next up.

Eventually they're going to do a full-retractible glass roof on this beauty. And you know a few people are going to want one of those ridiculous drop-top conversions, which will kill the Hofmeister Kink but give it a whole different kind of kink...

It doesn't make sense. And it shouldn't.