Friday, November 30, 2007

Andi A3 Cabrio video

Geely Panda

And it actually looks like one..
That's pretty amazing. And disturbing at the same time....

What car is this? Part8

Next Kia Spectra

The current model looks actually pretty nice for the asking price.
This one seems to be even more upscale.
Not original at all (It could be anything) but I guess that's not the point.
Improving quality while still selling them for cheap seems the main goal.

Audi A3 Cabrio

It looks really nice.
But I heard before it wasn't coming over here. the new A5 Convertible will replace the A4 Convertible in the US.

I don't see why they couldn't see this for around $30 000 in the US...
The small BMW 1 series Convertible will start at over $35 000 over here (Insane) so there would be a market.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Passat CC Teaser photos

We will see the whole thing early 2008.

Opel Insignia. It's official.

The Vectra is dead, long live the Insignia.

Another Forester picture

From a reader.

Looks like it was taken in Europe...

No more Vectra?

Just a rumor for now.
The next Opel Vectra might be called Insignia instead.

No word on a change of name for the Aura version yet.

Dodge Challenger news

The SRT8, the only model available the 1st year, will be priced at $37 995.
And you can order one as soon as next Monday.
Black, Orange and silver will be the only colors.

A regular V8 and V6 models will be available a year later.
That's quite a bit of money.
Let's hope this doesn't turn out to be another Thunderbird.

I think the more affordable Camaro will be a huge hit.
Not that many people want a $38 000 V8 Dodge....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2009 Subaru Forester

Got these from a reader.

It looks quite big on the second picture.
Official pics real soon....

Audi A3 convertible on the road

This might be the smallest trunk opening ever...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Genesis, Genesis, everywhere!

Sure looks like it....

Honda Accord LX test drive

I am still not used to the design of the new 2008 Accord.
Not because it is too modern, but because it looks like at least 5 different designers worked on it, and never talked to each other.

It does look more upscale than the previous generation. But when you get up close, it does get weird.
Seems like they tried to "look" upscale without really "being' upscale.
Like some fake expensive car.

The rear view is no better. A weird mismatch of shapes that don't really belong on the same car.
But like I said, somehow, it does look more expensive than the old one.

And it is another example of Honda's "VW wannabe" problem. The profile seems to try to imitate the Passat.
And then it falls apart when the car turns. The front and rear don't belong on the same car.

I liked the interior design at first.
But the more I was driving the car, the less I liked the interior. The shapes are soft and pleasing. But they also got a bit weird after a while. It also felt very cold. There is just no warmth to it (Maybe another color would help)
It's hard to explain.

And it is a sea of hard plastics in there. They do looks good, with nice grain designs. But most of the car's interior is hard to the touch.
Talk about hard, the lower seats are also way too hard for me. Like if the lumbar support as turned all the way out. But on my car, I couldn't change the setting at all.

When you start the car, that's when things are getting much better.
That engine is amazing. The base 2.4 Liter is so smooth it is really the best attribute of the car.
And 170hp is plenty for any normal driver. The EX version of the car has a 190 hp version of the same engine.
They even add some noise canceling system on the EX. My LX was already one of the quitest 4 cilynder engines I've ever driven.
The idle is a bit louder than the Camry, but it actually runs quieter.
There is really no need for the V6 on this car.

The one thing I didn't like about the driving experience was the steering.
It felt too touchy and nervous. Not linear at all. It took quite a bit to get used to. And I really never enjoyed it that much.
Again, it seems that they artificially tuned it to make it feel like a sporty car, when it's not.
It just felt weird to me.

The suspension is always comfortable. Smooth but firm. Softer than the Altima, but not as cushy as the Camry or the Passat.
The back seat, as you can see, has more than enough room for most people.

The new Accord is a good car with a great engine.
If you like the look and the interior, you'll be a happy camper.
But I'd rather have a car that doesn't pretend. Pretend to be expensive, upscale. Or pretend to be sporty.

Honda's reliability, unlike some recent Toyotas, is really never questioned. So quality and resale value won't be an issue.
But I would still look at the competition.
The Camry is smoother still, and I like the interior better.
The Passat has a much stronger personality and a much better interior. (But a questionable reliability record. Although it is much better than it used to be)
The new Malibu is still my favorite of the bunch. With a great interior, steering and perfect ride balance.
Now if you could only put the Accord engine in the Malibu....

Cars, like life, are a compromise. You just have to pick yours...

More Kia Borrego pictures

Looks like a really nice interior.
Except for the stupid key system. Just like in the Passat, you have to enter a weird "non-key key" and push a button.

Another new Forester photo

And it's not very impressive.
But I guess that's not what the Forester is about anyway...

What car is this? Part7

Kia Borrego

Still the Korean version, but ours should be pretty much the same thing.

Mitsubishi Concept R-A

That's a weird one.
It looks like a "next Eclipse". But the Eclipse isn't old enough to be redesign. And I hear sells are pretty low so I can't see why Mitsubishi would want another coupe...
I guess we'll find out more at the Detroit show.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Audi A3 Convertible

Coming out on December 7th.

That would be very soon and we'll see official pictures before that I'm sure.

But I hear it will not be coming to the US...

Revised Focus wagon

"Euro" Focus that is.
Just a couple more pics of the nice looking wagon we won't get....

What car is this? Part6

2009 Forester teaser.

I guess this makes it official, kind of.

From this, I really don't expect much...

2009 Subaru Forester????

Could be.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What car is this? Part5

For something a little harder now...

Genesis Coupe Concept Video

Not sure if the driving car is the actual production model.
It would seem so, with all the camouflage on it...

Looking good....

What car is this? Part4

Kia Borrego

Another invisible car...

This could have looked nice next to the Explorer 10 years ago. But now.
It just looks so plain. And it comes out just when people are finally moving away from trucks into car based SUVS.

Good timing. And good luck....

What car is this? Part3

Let's hope this is a little harder....

(That's what she said...)