Thursday, September 27, 2007

VW Scirocco

Another illustraion before we see the real think in a few months.
There is also a new rumor about a convertible version.

I am not sure why they would do that. Wouldn't that be the same price as the Eos???


Carl said...

Looks good at this angle, but still not a Scirocco, how would it be sold pricewise with the GTI here anyway?

Anonymous said...

Eos is a proper 4 seater convertible. I see room in the market for both of these cars.

Anonymous said...

VB, did you see the pics of the Convertible?

Perhaps this should be a 2 seater altogether
or it will more of a luxurious version of both the EOS and GTi. As Yoda would say, to early to tell.

Anonymous said...

bears a striking resemblence to the Volvo concept that became the C30.

Anonymous said...

Seems like 80% on the new cars and concepts have this Audi like grill. What happened to orginality?

Anonymous said...

I'm not swooning yet.