Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chevrolet Volt commercial

GM is already advertizing the 2010 Plug In Hybrid Volt.

I just wonder how close the production version will be to this concept.
I guess pretty close. I just hope they do raise the roof a little bit.
Otherwise, a really nice and modern looking car.

And plug in Hybrid. I would consider that myself....


Anonymous said...

toyota will mnot be able to keep up with this one
they will fall so far behind i hear they are thinking about retiring the next hybrif from the us

iti read somewhere theyre batteries have tons of problms and the next one will not come out

the volt is the future

and i will keep watching my tv thank you very much
great programs like the spike and the playboy chanel

Johnny said...

I heard from insiders that the Volt shown at the Detroit auto show was just for hype, and not far along in development, or not in the pipeline at all. Since January there has been a lot of public interest, so this is a 2007 project and so don't expect any future product to look anything like the stuff seen before.