Sunday, September 30, 2007

A thing of beauty....

Next Focus???

Just a crazy illustration.
But Ford is supposed to offer the same car in Europe and the US next time around. I guess that would be 2010 or 2011.
It would be nice to get something close to that over here...

Making of a magazine cover

Just too much money to waste....

Another good picture of the new Mondeo.

Chevrolet Volt commercial

GM is already advertizing the 2010 Plug In Hybrid Volt.

I just wonder how close the production version will be to this concept.
I guess pretty close. I just hope they do raise the roof a little bit.
Otherwise, a really nice and modern looking car.

And plug in Hybrid. I would consider that myself....

Mark X Zio in motion.

Even more Toyota Mark X Zio pics.

Still looks like a quality car.

Chevrolet HHR SS

On a Sunday like this, with a site like this one, why even bother watching TV....

Your friend Vince is here to take care of all your car related entertainment.
So get away from the TV, sit behind your computer, relax and enjoy...

Tiguan crash test

Earning a 5 star rating.

Ford S Max testing in the US

This one was caught on Sunset Blvd.
And I personaly saw another one in Van Nuys.

I saw a few of them in Europe last month and they do look good. But nothing fantastic.
They actually look more modern in American streets where most everything around them is so conservative looking.

They claimed last year they were considering importing this to the US. So...
We'll see....

Back seat stories.

The new Accord (Top) against the new Mazda6.

At least on these pictures, the Accord seems much more luxurious.

GM roadmap. Future products...

Here is what is coming from GM in the next few years:


-Arlington, Texas-

 -GMT 900 truck and SUV continued until 2012
 -C3XX full-sized truck and SUV replacement beginning 2013

-Bowling Green, Ky.-

-Corvette and Cadillac XLR continue until 2011
- Corvette and Cadillac XLR replacement product beginning 2012

-Detroit Hamtramck, Mich.-

 -Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS continue until 2010
 -Global Delta MPV7 beginning in 2009
 -Global Delta Volt beginning in 2010
 -Global Epsilon Chevrolet beginning in 2012

-Fairfax, Kan.-

- Chevrolet Malibu and Saturn Aura continue until 2011
 -Global Epsilon Buick and Saturn beginning in 2009
 -Chevrolet large 4-door notchback beginning in 2010

-Flint, Mich-

 -GMT 900 full-sized truck and heavy-duty commercial cab until 2011
 -GMT 900 medium-duty truck continues until 2008
 -C3XX full sized truck and heavy-duty commercial cab beginning in 2012

-Fort Wayne, Ind-

 -GMT 900 full-sized truck and light-duty commercial cab until 2011
 -C3XX full-sized truck and light-duty pickup replacement product beginning in 2012

-Janesville, Wis.-

 -GMT 900 full-sized truck and SUV continues until 2012
 -Medium-duty truck continues until 2009
 -C3XX full-sized truck and SUV replacement for current GMT 900 full-sized truck and SUV products beginning in 2013

-Lansing Delta Township, Mich.-

- GMC, Saturn and Buick Lambda products continue until 2011
 -GMC, Saturn and Buick Lambda replacement products beginning in 2012
 -Chevrolet Lambda product beginning in 2011

-Lansing (Mich.) Grand River-

 -Cadillac CTS, Cadillac STS and Cadillac SRX continue through 2009
 -Cadillac CTS wagon and Cadillac CTS coupe beginning in 2009
 -Zeta products (two styles) beginning in 2011

-Lordstown, Ohio-

 -Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 continue through 2009
 -Global Gamma 4-door notchback beginning in 2010
-Global Alpha (2 styles) beginning in 2011

-Orion, Mich.-

 -Pontiac G6 continues through 2013
-Pontiac, Mich.
 -GMT 900 full-sized light-duty pickup and heavy-duty pickup continue through 2011
 -C3XX full-sized truck, light-duty pickup and heavy-duty pickup beginning in 2012

-Shreveport, LA.-

 -H3, H3T, Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon continue through 2011
- H3 and H3T replacement beginning in 2011

-Spring Hill, Tenn.-

 -Chevrolet Lambda continues through 2012
 -Theta Epsilon SUV beginning in 2011
 -Next-generation Chevrolet Lambda replacement product - demand and business-case dependent beyond 2012

-Wentzville, Mo.-

 -Chevrolet and GMC large vans continue through the product lifecycle, beyond 2012
 -Next-generation Chevrolet and GMC large vans replacement for the current product - demand and business-case dependent beyond 2012

-Wilmington, Del.-

-Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky continue until 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Convertible back seat

That looks like a super tight squeeze for 2 people back there...

This might be the main difference with the 3 series convertible, where 2 adults can actually fit in the back seat...
I wonder why this soft top takes so much space on each sides of the rear seat...

The green one...

GMC Yukon Hybrid

Of course it is the same powertrain as the Chevy version.
But in an even more luxurious package.
Even Cadillac will get their own for the Escalade.

These big GM SUVs have grown on me. Even the new Escalade.
So I guess if they do get around 20mpg in the city, even 18, it isn't so bad. Pretty amazing really.

Many much smaller cars just get around 20 in the city.

New BMW 1 series Convertible video!

That's right.
Barely introduced, and your friend Vince Burlapp already has a video.

You can now thank God and pray to Vince....

Chinese Mondeo

Just was introduced officially.

A longer wheelbase and a piano black finish inside.
And how about that long shifter...
Is it as tall as the one in the Euro version, or is it what Chinese customers like????

Inside the VW Tiguan

I must say this looks really nice.
They could have done something more original with the dashboard (Instead of using the one from the Golf Plus) but it is still miles ahead of the depressing looking one they use in the Rabbit/Jetta.
The door design is really cool. And that giant glass panel is just perfect.

Again, if priced right, this could do wonders for VW in the US.
This is a tough market, with the new Rogue starting at under $20 000. But I think the Tiguan is a classier offering, looking much more upscale than the Nissan.
I saw many Nissan Kashquai when I was in Europe last month. And that looks so much better than the Rogue.
A much better car for Nissan to compete with the VW. And they do offer a glass roof on the Kashquai.

The 2.0 Liter turbo with the 6 speed auto from the Passat is a great combo. It feels much more powerful than the 2.5 Liter Nissan.

Suzuki Kizashi 2 Concept

Quite a mouthfull...

Suzuki claims this concept gives us a clue as to what their next sedan will look like.
Sure, it would be nice. But, as usual, don't holf your breath...

BMW ! series Convertible

How weird they would ignore the german auto show and a few days later release this one...

I think it looks nice, but I like convertibles anyway...
I think it all depends on price. This shouldn't be much over $30 000 to start.

But the larger, more luxurious hardtop 3 series starts at $44 000.
That means they could still justify pricing this one at over $35 000. A lot of money for a little soft top convertible.....

Rolls Royce Coupe

Coming soon. Based on the new convertible.

If you have to spend around $350 000 on a car but don't want a sedan, or a sports car. And still needs to seat 4 in comfort.
Theere isn't much else out there...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Brilliance BC3

A good looking Chinese coupe.
1.8 Liter Turbo with 170hp.
The car is supposed to go on sale in Europe next year. And maybe the US shortly after.

They are talking of prices between $15 000 and $21 000. But I am nost sure how anyone can figure out a price in dollars if the car isn't for sale in the US...

If it is a Euro/Dollar conversion, that would mean the car could be much cheaper over here...

Nissan GT-R Official picture

I hear this is the 1st official picture of the all new GT-R.

2 or 3 versions should be offered in Japan.
But maybe just one in the US.

Next Impreza STI

Just another teaser.

Chinese MG

Just as expected, the Chinese now introduced the MG version of the former Rover , the"Roewe".

Similar to the Roewe and using the 2.5 Liter V6.
I guess they could keep the Rover name but somehow didn't have a problem owning the MG name.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Burlapp Mini Clubman movie!

Just enjoy and thank God for this site....

Pontiac G8 video

Seems like a lot of work for "just" a new front end.
(Compared to the original Holden model)

VW Scirocco

Another illustraion before we see the real think in a few months.
There is also a new rumor about a convertible version.

I am not sure why they would do that. Wouldn't that be the same price as the Eos???

Citroen C5 Wagon

Another nice looking wagon that won't make it over here...

2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

GM claims 21mpg in the city and 22 hwy with this 6.0Liter monster producing 332hp.

If that represents what you can actually get in real life driving, it is pretty amazing.

we'll see...

All new Toyota Matrix

Coming at the SEMA show next month.
As well as the all new US Corolla.

Just this little teaser for now.
Amazing how they can keep a secret...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chubby nerd drives the new Accord

I must say, the car does look much better in person.
I have only seen the sedan so far.

Tough life for the Camry....

New Buick LaCross with 5.3 Liter V8 video

"really excited about it"
A bit of corporate BS, but not nearly as much as that Focus video I posted earler where the guy from Ford was asleep.

At least this guy looks like he knows something.
And the car isn't bad.

But I doubt the timing is perfect for putting a V8 in a mid sized car. With FWD!
How many of these can they sell???

I would think Honda will sell many more 2009 Accord diesel. A car much more in tune with what the market demands...

Guess who's selling Hondas....

That's a few years old. They don't have the Avencier anymore.

More Toyota Mark X Zio pictures

Maserati Grand Turismo video

How the other half lives...

Upcoming Citroen C5 sedan and wagon

Sorry. we can't see much.
Plus, this is one boring movie...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Toyota Mark X Zio

That is the official name of the new Toyota wagon I posted a few days ago.
And these official pictures look much better than the grainy ones I had before.

The name will change for the US when it gets here next year.
It has nothing to do with the Japan only RWD Mark X.
This is based on the Camry and uses the same engines.

It's kind of like a Toyota Pacifica...