Thursday, August 30, 2007

All new Audi A4

Just more of the same, really. The interior is much better than before, closer to an A5.
Let's hope they replave the horrible 2.0 Liter/CVT combo in the US....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jaguar XF Video

To give you a better idea.

Some cool features inside. But that dash still looks horribly flat....

New Audi A4

That's right, "new"....

I thought it was going to look like a 4 door version of the A5.
But, from this picture at least, it just looks like the current car. Sure there are some different lines here and there.
But really, why even bother redesigning a car to come up with this....

The 1st generation A4 design was the best. And I think it still looks much better than the current model. Or this one.

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Holden Commodore wagon

Does that mean a Pontiac G8 wagon is on the way?

Next Audi A4???

It could be.
The all new A4 is due very, very soon.
And this picture does look a bit different than an A4.
But the reality is, the new A4 might just look like a sedan version of the new A5 anyway.

So, no big news anyway...

More Jaguar XF pictures

That is one tiny sunroof for a 21st century car....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Renault Laguna coupe

Not sure if this picture is the actual thing.
But if it is, it already looks 100 times better than the sedan.

Based on our Altima coupe.

Another next "Fit" picture

More Journey pictures

I have to say, the interior does look much better on this picture.
At least this seems a much nicer car than the Escape.

For those who dont like curves...

2009 Dodge Journey

It's kind of hard to really see what's going on here. But it looks like another trip back to 1985.

There doesn't seem to be anything original, or any reason to get this over any other similar cars, like the new Vue, or the Edge.
Plus the interior seems like another cheap one from Chrysler.

Good luck with that one....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Burlapp in Europe. Part2

Just another quick pic.
Looks really nice in person. And pretty rare, even here.
I guess it's pretty much over priced.

Seems that if it's not a Mercedes or a BMW, most people here just won't get anything else in the price range.

Sure, it looks nice.
But still, to me this seems more like the next generation Lexus GS than a Jaguar.
I guess that's what the market wants.

We'll see....

Friday, August 24, 2007

2008 Honda Fit

Distorted pictures from a Japanese magazine.

To me, it just looks like a re-do of the current design. Nothing really new.
I like the glass roof. And I'm sure it'll be a very good car.
I was just hopping for something more original.

I guess I forgot it was still a Honda.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Saturn Astra pricing

The cheapest one will be the XE model of the 5 door version at $15 995 with a 5 speed manual.
It will go up to $19 820 for a XR version of the 3 door. Plus options.

You could compare this to a Honda Civic.
Where you can get a DX Sedan for $16 405.
And an EX Coupe for $18 700.

The Astra seems pretty competitive.
Amazing that GM can do it, and Ford keeps claiming they could never sell the "new" Focus in the US.
"It would be too expensive"...

Burlapp in Europe. Part1

I know, these aren't great pictures.
But still, I am not used to these cars I have never seen in real life. And after seeing them in pictures and videos, It's great to see them in the streets.

The Peugeots do look great in person.
Much better than the older Astra we're getting here as a Saturn.
I am till amazed by the number of diesel cars too. Weird to hear it coming out of a VW Eos, or a Jaguar.

More to come...

Next Fiesta

Well, looks like I spoke bit too fast.

This is supposed to be a picture of the actual production model. And it does look a lot like the concept.

That would be great. The next Fiesta is also supposed to be offered in the US.

New Ford Fiesta concept

It looks great.
But really doesn't match the spy shots I have seen of the upcoming Fiesta.
I think the production version might end up toned down a lot from this....

All new Jaguar XF

Seems really nice.

But does it look like a Jaguar.
Jaguars do need to be different, special...

(Sorry, I had to rmove the picture. I was asked very nicely by Jaguar)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2008 Accord coupe

That's the picure I meant to post earlier.
I guess I was drunk, or distracted when I did it.
Or just plain jetlagged.
I am doing this from Europe right now....

2008 Honda Odyssey

Just the usual mid life refresh.
With a new front and rear, wheels, bluetooth, rear view camera n the rear view mirror.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And now for the coupe

Looking much better than the sedan.
As usual for Honda...

2008 Honda Accord

Just what I thought from the spy picture. The sedan looks a bit awkward, from many angles.
Maybe it's one of these cars that looks better "in the flesh".
Here are some of the specs:

-About 3 inches longer
-A bit wider and taller
-18 inch wheels available on the coupe
-2.4 Liter engine with 180hp standard. With a 200hp version offered.
Not sure why they would have 2 versions of the same enine...
-273hp V6
-No 6 speed auto

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Audi A3 Convertible

So it is true...,
So far I had only seen illustrations of what that car might look like.

I guess it'll be out soon too.
But the regular A3 already hits the $30 000 mark. And usually, convertibles are about $5000...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Next Skoda Superb

More pictures from the factory. This time with a steering wheel.

And it looks like the big Skoda sedan will turn into a hatchback.
Nice. And a good way to separate it even more from the Passat .
(Which itself started as a hatch back in the days when they used to call it Dasher in the US...)

Next E Class interior

just like the one I posted before. Still very square and old looking for a car that starts at over $50 000...

2008 Accord coupe with ugly aftermarket crap on it.

The skirts, the spoiler etc... Anything to make a decent car looking car ugly.
Not sure what they are testing here. Maybe it's just a photo shoot of what dealers will offer as ways to ruin your car.

I still like the new coupe.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Steve McQueen's Ferrari

Just sold for over $2 million.

I missed it.
Maybe next time...

Nissan Rogue video

A "fan" just sent me this one.

Beware, if you don't like Nissan, this is pretty much a PR video. Where a guy from Nissan is constently praising the car as he's showing it.

It does seem pretty nice. Although I still think the design is too clumbsy and soft. Unlike the great looking European version.

2008 Accord interior

Some guy driving the 2008 Accord at a dealer meating. Or press....

Whatever it is, I wasn't there....

Citroen C-Airscape concept

A really nice looking convertible.
An almost conservative design for Citroen.

Imagine if the new Sebring looked like that.

I smell a C5 convertible coming up...