Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mercedes ocean Drive

It's a go!

The concept has just been approved for production. It will be based on the S600 sedan (surprise...)

All I can say is, start saving...


Anonymous said...

The last time I think 4 door Mercedes convertibles were in style was during the Hitlerian era.
It is also ironic how MB also brought back
the WW2 era Mayback.
All we now need to see it the Iranian (Dictator)President driving one of these around...

Anonymous said...

Something else for Paris Hilton to drive drunk. Or rappers, drug dealers, and pro athletes. ;-)

Seriously, this car will be at the top of must-have lists everywhere. I love the idea of bringing back 4-door convertibles. Now if someone would do it for a more affordable price. This Mercedes price is surely going to be astronomical. Lincoln, are you listening?