Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2008 Nissan Pathfinder

In the usual Nissan move, the Pathfinder gets an all new interior half way into its life cycle.
I guess people were complaining about a rather plasticky interior.
This one does look better and a bit more organic.

I never heard people complaining about the lack of power from the big 4.0 Liter 266hp V6 though...
But Nissan is now offering a 317hp V8, just in case.

And just in time. As gas is getting more and more expensive....

2008 Mazda 6

I know, I know, this is just an illustration.
Not an actual picture of the real thing.
But hey, it looks pretty good.

The current 6 is still a great car. I drove a 2.3 Liter version for a few days last year and loved it.
The new one will be larger, based on the Fusion platform and will probably use the new 3.5 Lier V6 as an option.
Let's hope it looks great.

Saturn Astra

Not sure where these pictures were taken, but they show the Opel version of the Astra with US plates.
What we can see here are pretty much all versions of the car. Including the wagon and convertible.

It will be introduced at the Chicago show.
As we've seen before, the car is basically the Opel with a Saturn logo and new bar on the grille.
The base engine should be the 1.8 Liter with 140hp.
With a 2.0 Turbo as an option on some models.

This car will help create a phenomenal difference between GM and Ford.
Imagine this next to the "new" Focus...

I can't wait for this one, especially the hard top convertible.

Saturn Outlook movie

Despite the auto show's louzy lighting, you can tell this is one nice interior.
Better than the Aura and one of the best in the segment.
A very attractive family wagon. Much better than the GM minivans it replaces.

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  • Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    Altima Hybrid price

    It starts at $24 400 and does qualify for a $2350 tax credit.
    That means a loaded one could still be under $29 000, before the credit.

    The Camry Hybrid is over $2000 more!
    With its good look and nice interior, the Altima seems to be a great deal.
    Most Camry Hybrid owners report real life mileage of around 37mpg or more.
    The altima should get pretty much the same.

    New base Mondeo

    Here is a base model of the new Mondeo Hatchback.
    With cheap plastic wheel covers and black door handles.
    Still fine.

    Volvo C30 Hybrid

    Yes, Hybrid, already.

    Volvo is planing a hybrid version of the new C30. The "regular" engine would be a diesel, and it could run on electricity alone for about 45 miles.
    And yes, it's a plug-in. I guess it means that if you can do less than 45 miles a day. You might not need any gas.
    Some places here, like malls and movie studios, even offer some parking spaces with free plug-in stations. So you wouldn't have to ever pay for the electricity.

    Sounds great to me....

    Nissan GTR

    Just a new pic of the monster.

    Not sure if they really need this in the US.
    I guess there is a market for another overpowered expensive sports car. Even though this is the country where you can already get a 400 hp Corvette for a $45 000 MSRP...

    On another note. I'm on my way to a "big studio" to try and convice them about the "Vince Burlapp Show" .
    Wish me luck...

    Scion Xa replacement

    Here is another picture of the next Xa, or whatever they'll call it.
    Not sure if this in an illustration or not.
    Just looks like a photo to me.

    I guess it will grow a little bit, and they are still talking about a 1.8 Liter engine.
    That 1.8 seems to be going pretty much in every car where they are currently using the 1.5 liter.
    Including the next Prius.

    2008 Pontiac G8

    They apparently showed it on ABC and of course.. I missed it!

    But here is what they showed: Not that much.

    But enough to see what we already knew: The G8 will just be a Commodore with a Pontiac grille.
    It might get more changes in a couple of years when the production moves to Canada.
    Meanwhile, still a nice RWD sedan that'll make GM offerings even better.

    And make Ford even worse...

    MG back from the dead in China???

    The Chinese owners claimed last year they would start selling cars within the next 2 years, under the MG name.
    And that would include the US. The were even mentioning a US factory.

    I never heard of anything since.
    But these pictures (I think) taken in China show they are really working on something...

    Monday, January 29, 2007

    More pictures of the new Citroen C4 Picasso

    Exactly what a Citroen should be.
    Futuristic and a little bid weird.

    This will be tough competition to the Mazda 5, in Europe.
    At least for those who want to drive something that looks like it was actually designed in the 21st Century...

    Ford transit van in the US?

    Part of that same "Euro Fords in the US for 2009" rumor I posted earlier includes the Transit commercial van.
    A pretty good looking one if you ask me. Especially compared to the horrible Dodge/Mercedes one we now get over here.

    By the way, Ford also mentioned they would like to sell the new Mondeo in the US. And they said it would be more expensive than the Fusion (Duh...)
    Does that mean they would sell Euro Fords as Mercury, and at the same time, moving the brand a bit upmarket????

    Let's hope so.
    If GM can do it with Saturn, why not...

    2008 Altima Coupe movie

    That's right, a whole movie from your best friend:
    Vince Burlapp.
    The next best thing to actually being there.
    Just click

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  • Sunday, January 28, 2007

    All new Subaru Impreza

    I'm not sure if this is real, but it looks pretty good.

    The Impreza will be produced as a hatchback as well as a sedan. And yes, we might just get the sedan in the US.
    Not sure if this is the final thing, but I wish they did something a bit more original.
    I see Subaru as a Japanese Citroen, or Saab. They should not only be different, but also look different.

    Next Honda S2000

    Best Car has published this illustration of what the S2000 could become after the death of the current model next year.

    I had heard previous rumors about the S2000 being replaced by a 4 seater car.
    This one would still be a 2 seater with a compact convertible hard top similar to the new Miata.
    And the design would have more of a retro vibe.

    So I guess, nobody really knows anything about what's coming after the S2000.
    2 seater, 4 seater, retro or not....

    Porsche Panamera

    Still just an illustration, but this looks really close to the prototypes.(And the official sketch Porsche released last year)
    So I guess it'll look pretty much like this.

    Dodge Solstice fighter?

    From England we get yet another rumor.
    dodge would be ready to show as soon as march a small RWD 2 seater to compete with the Sky/Solstice/Miata.
    The design is said to be close to the 2002 Razor concept pictures here (the convertible is a Schulte illustration)

    I don't know.. Wouldn't we have seen some prototypes of this by now???
    An all new RWD platform?


    Saturday, January 27, 2007

    Audi A5

    I don't think this is real, but it gives us an idea.
    The A 5 will come out in a few weeks and will be priced above the A4 sedan.
    The A5 convertible will eventually replace the A4 convertible.

    Too expensive you say?
    Well, the upcoming A3 convertible should fit the bill for a more affordable Audi soft top.

    Euro Fords in the US for 2009??!!!

    This is the latest Ford rumor from Europe:
    Ford US would import as many as 40 000 S Max minivans in the US starting with the 2009 model year.
    We'll see in the next few days if it turns out to be true.

    They also mention the Ford Transit Van. Just like we get the Mercedes commercial vans through Dodge.

    New Acura Coupe?

    I am not sure what this is but it doesn't seem to be the super expensive V10 Acura NSX due next year (or is it???)
    I heard before that Acura is thinking of a new coupe model.
    Seems that Honda is seeing a future in the coupe market with their all new Accord Coupe.

    Maybe Acura will bet a coupe based on the TSX/Euro Accord?

    Why not.

    Kia Cee'd

    A stupid name for a pretty nice looking car.
    It is made and sold in Europe.
    And we won't get it over here...

    It is pretty much aimed at the Focus/Golf crowd and I think it might actually work here against the Mazda3, for quite a bit less money. And there might be a void created by killing the Focus hatchback in the US.
    But what do I know....

    Friday, January 26, 2007

    2008 Lexus RX350

    Seems that the new 2007 was just out...
    What's new about this, and why so early?
    Chrome door handles, new wheels and black wood inside...
    I guess that's it. Still no keyless entry.

    I'm not sure what's the point. A new one is less than 2 years away anyway...

    new Mazda RX7?

    More rumors about a Mazda RX7.
    It would be slightly smaller, but cheaper than the RX8 (duh..)
    And would be based on the current Miata frame.

    Why not. But I didn't think the RX8 was overpriced to start with. I drove it a while ago and it is a great car.
    And it's not selling that well. Which means discounts...

    Fake BMW M3 photo

    Or "illustration".
    I think this one comes from the magazine "Car".
    Which put it on the cover a while ago...

    By the way, has anyone see the new 3 series coupe on the road?
    I have been surprised to see so many already, and I think they look great.
    And they already have some really good lease deals on them.
    Pretty amazing.

    I think if I was in the market I would seriously consider the 328 Coupe (335 is just too much power for me)

    New Opel GT

    This was already announced a while ago. But the new picture, next to the original model is pretty nice.

    Basically, a Saturn Sky with a new grille and logos.

    Now GM is so good in the US they actually export cars to Europe...

    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Everybody's testing. Part 3

    Well, this has to be the new 3.5 Liter V6 in the Fusion.
    Hopefully available in the fall.

    From what they did with the 500, we can't expect a new interior anytime soon to go with the new engine.
    It is OK now, but it is also quickly getting crushed by the new Altima, and Malibu.
    And that's without even counting the all new Accord next year.

    Will a bigger engine be enough?

    "One Ford"

    "We feel we'll be able to get to a common design language that's bold, as it should be for the American market, and is absolutely applicable to the European market as well"
    That's a statement from J Mays about Ford designs.

    They now want US and Euro Ford to share a common "design language".
    Does that mean the 3 bar grille they are spending so much money putting on everything here is already obsolete?
    More similar cars?

    On a side note, does anyone else notice the shape of the license plate on the Mondeo?
    Not very European is it?

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    VW Cross Golf

    We'll never get this .

    We don't get the Golf Plus to start with (Which is what this one is based one)
    And VW of America will sell us the Tiguan next year.
    And that looks more like an SUV.
    (Although it is also based on the Golf Plus and shares its interior)

    This is only FWD, so basically a "poseur".
    But still. I kind of like it. The interior is much better than the regular Rabbit/Golf/Jetta.
    And it just looks kind of "cool and convenient".

    Just what VW could use in the US...(Without the "US only" 2.5 Liter)