Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Volvo C30 movie

That's right.
Fresh from the Auto show.
Let's go inside.
It's almost like being there!

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  • to see the movie.


    Anonymous said...

    The floating center stack looks nice, but I don't understand why Volvo didn't bother to make the rest of the interior modern-looking. They basically took a cheap-o gray, outdated 1990s interior and slapped on a 21st century flat panel radio/AC that you get at Brookstone. Poor execution. I'm surprised no one's agreed with me yet on this one.

    Anonymous said...

    In another year or two I'm considering swapping in my Scion tC for one of these. Looks great and I'm ready for a step up in safety, power, and quality.

    Anonymous said...

    This was possibly my favorite production car at the LA show. The seats (including the back seat!!) are soooooo comfortable (btw it had blue upholstery). I liked it even better in person than pix.

    Vince Burlapp said...

    The lighting sucks at the show.
    It is hard to take good pictures, or movies.

    it's either too bright, or too dark.

    Anonymous said...

    Ya Phil, the rest of the interior isn't too amazing, but I don't think its too bad. Grey is a bad colour on any interior, if you bought it in black or tan it would look nicer. Overall, in terms of design and quality though, the car should be priced below the base model Civic.