Saturday, December 02, 2006

Auto show #8. Saturn Outlook interior

I was pretty impressed by the new Outlook.
As you can see, the interior isn't the simplest, but it is less buzy and more upscale than the Aura.
There is even less of the fake wood. (and not every single little bit of it is surrounded by chrome...)
Nothing on the top of the console.

All the plastics have a good feel and look.
It is really roomy and even the 3rd row isn't as bad as some others.

And the exterior design looks good. There is nothing remarkable or even noticeable about it.
But there is a good overall quality feel to it.
And the door designs are many steps up from the Aura.

I still do not understand why a Saturn interior would have any wood. This should be in a Buick.
They should find other kind of upscale looking materials to use for what it supposed to be a younger/fresher brand.


Vince Burlapp said...

gm back ot top and teaching again
teaching foreigners how cars should be made

the doors even has a spave for my beer
that's great they always rool on the floor.
they should make square beercans for whem you drive

Anonymous said...

GM gettin out of the Proletariat Monkey market? This almost resembles something with class.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the steering wheel this is the interior that I wish was in the Aura. It's way nicer and the fake wood even looks better too than in the Aura. Thanks for the pics Vince.

Anonymous said...

I love Vince's comment that the exterior of the Outlook isn't even "noticeable".. and that is a good thing? To my eyes, the Outlook and Acadia are very similar-looking to the outgoing Trailblazer EXT and Envoy XL.. no wonder Chevy is pissed that Saturn got it instead of them!

Anonymous said...

i actually thought that saturn wasnt supposed to be "a younger fresher brand." the way many mags have been saying, and with opel product coming/inspritation it looks more like saturn is moving into oldsmobiles position as the upscale sorta euro flavored import competitor. so the wood makes sense in that regard. saturn isnt gm's scion.....but the wood in the aura does look bad and its to much, the outlook looks upscale and nice looking, not sure what happened with the aura. but still nice interior

Anonymous said...

Good looking, classy interior. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Finally! At last GM makes a decent interior and exterior with the Outlook. Wonders never cease, eh?