Monday, December 25, 2006

2008 Ford Escape Movie

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    Here is what I saw at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
    I was actually pleasantly surprised.
    It seems the new Escape isn't trying to be something it's not.
    A pretty straight forward car based SUV, still a bit more square than the others.

    I though it was actually better than the much anticipated Edge which claims to compete with the likes of the Murano, Highlander etc...
    The Escape felt more solid and better finished.
    And it is a lot cheaper...


    Anonymous said...

    It seems pretty nice. And if the price is right it'll be quite the bargain. I'm lokking forward to seeing this and the Edge in person. I personnally am not crazy about the front ends on either one but that's just me with my styling issues. I hope Ford starts to do well in the future. I'm looking forward to seeing some of their other future products. I could do without the big chrome bars on the front of some of their other vehicles though. Good luck Ford.

    Anonymous said...

    Your music is always so sexy !

    Anonymous said...

    12:19 here. Yeah I forgot to mention that...Awesome tunes in the video.

    Dude the Unicycle said...

    Hmmm... don't like SUVs, never did, they all look like rocks and are as fuel efficient as my neighbor's lawnmower (that's not very, in case you're wonderring).

    Love the music, though!

    Anonymous said...

    Agree the Escape is handsome... and the modifications to make it a MARRINER manage to make it GORGEOUS imho (s'ok to borrow adjectives within the family?). Hybrid is uberKool too - just hope they update the v6 & trannie asap.