Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mazda CX-9 movie

Why don't you click:
  • HERE

  • And take a tour inside the all new Mazda CX-9 SUV.
    Hard to beleive it is based on the Ford Edge.
    The Edge looks great, but the interior quality is not from the same planet as the new Mazda...

    Forgive the quality of the picture. Between the louzy Youtube compression and the horrible lighting from the Auto show, the quality isn't as good as I would like....

    Saturday, December 30, 2006

    More interceptor

    Even more later...

    Ford Interceptor concept

    It looks amazing!
    It looks so good that it makes every sedan in Ford's current line up look even worse.
    All the 500 is getting soon is a 3 bar grill up front.

    This is based on a stretched Mustang platform and uses a 5.0Liter V8.
    This car would be amazing competition to the Chrysler 300.
    And what a replacement for the Crown Victoria.
    This could appeal to young and old.
    Ford could use all of the Mustang engines (and replace the old V6 with the new 3.5 Liter)

    But remember, this comes from the people who gave us the great 427 concept years ago.
    All we got from that was the 3 bar grille on the Fusion...

    Maybe this time, Ford is deparate enough to build it.

    Chery F11

    Chinese luxury.

    Malcolm Bricklin claimed last year that Chery was going to sell a luxury car in the US as part of his Visionary Vehicles (that was before the whole idea was dropped a few months ago).
    Maybe Chery will sell in the US anyway, with or without Bricklin. (They just made a deal with Chrysler for a small car)

    The Euro license plate on this car shows they are intending to sell this overseas.
    I don't think the design would appeal to anyone in Europe shopping for a luxury car.
    But this could have better luck in the US, if priced right.

    The car comes with a choice of a V6 or even a 4.2 Liter V8.
    And it reminds me (on paper) of the upcoming "big Hyundai".

    If they can price a V8 luxury car for under $30 000, they might have a chance...

    Another Nissan Coupe

    Nissan is rumored to be working on a "smaller than Altima" 2 door car.
    I actually do not think this illustration is right. It looks to be based on the Foria concept Nissan showed a few years ago already.

    I would think the next small coupe will be pretty much a Sentra coupe. Like the Azeal concept we saw before.
    I personally liked the Foria better. It was more original than just taking 2 doors off the Sentra.

    Is the 2 door market heating up, again?

    Friday, December 29, 2006

    Rolls Royce convertible

    My new ride, as soon as they pick up "The Vince Burlapp Show"...

    More 2008 Malibu

    How about a greay one...

    Call me crazy, but at least on these picture, that is one fantastic interior.

    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    2008 Chevrolet Malibu

    Still good looking on these new picture.
    As expected, engines will include the 2.4 Liter and the new 3.6 Liter V6.
    Both with 6 speed auto.

    At least on paper, the specs match the Camry (and others).
    Wheelbase is even 3 inches longer than the Camry.

    The interior seems nicer and more original than the more expensive Aura. (Bad news for Saturn)
    The roof line looks like a much more expensive car, but...
    What happened to the back?!?!

    These tail lights look pretty bad.
    From the spy shot I, somehow, thought they were going to be 4 round lights back there.
    It would have been much better. This weird shape is kind of a letdown. And this is on a red car. This will stand out even more in another color.

    But hey, this is still miles ahead of the current model, and at least as good as most of the competition.
    I think the ones suffering the most will be the Aura, Fusion and Sonata.

    Not sure if Camry/Accord owners are ready to buy anything with the name Chevrolet on it...

    Toyota Auris 3 door

    Toyota seems to be already using a 3 door version of the new Auris in European racing.
    The 3 door was caught testing in the US a few weeks ago, so we might get it in addition to the Corolla sedan.

    Chrysler Nassau concept

    Nothing really new here.
    Just a modern wagon.
    I must say, Chrysler concepts use to look much better before Mercedes took over.

    And if you think you might ever see somthing close to this in production, remember this comes from the people who brought you the 2007 Sebring...

    Dodge Avenger

    I still think this is so much better than the Sebring....

    Nissan Roque

    Remember the Qashqai form the Paris Auto show?
    Here is the US version.

    Some people were complaining here about the European version being too short for the US.
    This looks almost the same, but a bit longer.

    The interior seems miles ahead of the plasticky RAV4.
    The usual 2.5 Liter is standard with a CVT.
    No V6.

    I actually like the European version a bit better. The headlights here are a bit weird.
    The wheels too small.
    And the proportions not quite as strong. It's almost a little bit lumpy.

    But these are just pictures....We'll see.

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    2008 Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe

    It looks like there will be another Metrix/Vibe after the current one.
    I wasn't sure if Pontiac was actually still interested. They claim all their new products will be RWD.
    Not this one obviously.

    It will be based on the upcoming Corolla, but it could have the 2.4 Liter engine from the Camry. At least as an option.
    This would make it a pretty nice car. The Toyota 2.4 Liter is a great engine.

    I drove a Vibe a couple of years ago and really didn't like the 1.8 Liter engine.
    It had very little power at low speed and was pretty noisy.
    I was also not a fan of the black only interior. Just not my thing in the hot weather we get over here in the summer.

    The larger and much smoother engine should fix that.

    Chevy HHR "Premiere Edition"

    No big news...
    Just a limited edition with some special colors.
    Just like the PT Cruiser used to do.

    This one will get :
    " 17" black chrome wheels, black chrome exterior package, a special Cappuccino Frost Metallic exterior color and a special Ebony/Gray two-tone interior. "

    Available early 2007.
    How about a small V6, a glass roof, navigation and bluetooth instead?

    New Rolls Royce convertible

    I guess they would call it the Corniche but I'm not sure.
    It seems to be the ultimate convertible.
    Exactly what a Rolls should be. Amazing.

    The sedan is about $330 000, so I guess this one would be at least $360 000.
    But it you have to ask...

    It is safe to say that most of us will never even see one.

    Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Lincoln MKR Concept Video!

  • HERE

  • You can really tell on this video that, no matter how good or cool it might look, this car will never be produced.
    A so called "production version" would not even look close.
    (remember the "production ready" Zephyr concept?)

    This is just another tease, another idea of what a Lincoln should be, from a company that doesn't seem to know where to go...

    Ugly Citroen C5 illustration

    Let's hope the next C5 mid sized car from Citroen looks much better than that.
    And also, more original than the current model...

    More Honda Crossroad pictures.

    Yes, it is a Honda.

    But it's not called the HRV .
    The new Crossroad is still a "smaller than CRV: SUV type car.

    So it might actually replace the old HRV anyway...
    And how about replacing the Element ?

    Monday, December 25, 2006

    Honda Odyssey

    The Japan only version. (The small one...)
    Not sure if this one is all new.

    I never saw it before, and it's not the new Stream...