Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here they are!

The babes from the Paris auto show.
And, like Mr.Letterman would say, easy on the eyes...

Another mystery car...

I think it might be the new Corolla (or whatever they call it now).
The sedan version. Maybe even the one we'll get over here.

But what do I know....Really...

Naked in Paris!

No. it's not the Halloween party at the Playboy mansion.
(For which I am still waiting an invitation, by the way...)

Just the 2006 Auto Show, in Paris!

Cars and babes, what an original combination....

New, but not all new, Hyundai Tiburon

More R8 pictures from the show.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Official pictures of the new Ford Mondeo

Makes you wonder what they even bother to show a "concept" version of the wagon version at the Paris auto show...

This is onw good looking family car, anyway.

Volvo C30 photoshoped in the streets of Paris!

And another one with a red interior...

And by they way. It's coming over here, it's now official.

More Ford Iosis X photos.

Daihatsu D Compact Concept

Another cute small thing.

We won't get....

New 2007 Fiat bravo

These are official illustrations from some "internal document".
Looks really nice.
And look! they even used the old Fiat logo in the grille.

Saab 9.4X

That's obviously something GM doesn't want people to see right away...

Small car based SUV with an upcoming Cadillac cousin.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yoyota Auris

Just a concept.
But take out the yellow paint and some of the crap outside and there you have it:
What we used to call the "Euro Corolla".

But no more Corolla, at least in Europe. Auris sounds almost like Yaris, a big success in Europe for Toyota.

These pictures actually show the stuff I posted earlier was pretty accurate. Right?

A 3 door version of this might still make it in the US...

Renault/Dacia Logan Wagon

Finally the wagon version of the cheap and surprisingly popular Dacia Logan.
The sedan starts at 7500 Euros and tops at 10500.
So expect the wagon to be just a bit more.

Cheap, especially for Europe.
The sedan popularity turned this dorky looking car into something almost hip.
The wagon has an even better chance.
Don't you want to be with these cool people who spend more money one their clothes than their cars?

Seats 7 too!

Honda Cicic testing something...

What are they testing here???
All I can see are new wheels.

Minor changes for 2008 maybe?

Chevrolet WTCC

While the concept shown in Paris has huge wings, spoilers etc...
Here's a picture of a model without all the crap on it.

That would make a nice small Chevy wouldn't it?

Is that the staff from the North Hollywood office????

Ford Losis X Concept

Preview of an SUV for the European market???

Renault Koleos

Just a concept, sure....

Looks almost ready to me, and also looks like it is based on the Nissan Kashkai.
(Is that the name??? Still?)

New Jag?

But which one?

Obviously still just an illustration. But is it the 2008 S Type or the next XJ.
The S Type is due pretty soon, so...

I just hope it looks that good. This thing has everything Jaguar needs right now.

And, no. I don't think it looks like that horrible S Type illustration I posted a few days ago...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kia Cee' d. More pictures...

There goes a red one!

Peugeot 207 CC

Caught on a delivery truck!

Audi R8

These are the first official pictures of Audi's 911 fighter.
It does look great.

And a bit more luxurious than the Porsche.
420hp V8, Quattro,Aluminum body. Pretty amazing stuff.
Available bang and Olufsen stereo, rear view camera, navigation etc...
Pretty much a sports car for the 21st century.

Expect a price of around $100 000 in the US. So quite a bit more than a regular 911.

2008 Jaguar S Type

Not sure if this is an official "preview sketch" or what.
But it looks great.

Even if the production model is toned down 200% it would be a fantastic looking car....

Twingo Concept

A thinly disguised Concept showing us the upcoming production version?

But I am quite surprise this one doesn't really match the spy shots of the new Twingo we've seen so far.
Especially the front end.

And besides the logo, nothing here really says Renault. This could pretty much be from anyone...