Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Mazda 6

We've all seen the picturs of the test mules for the past few weeks.
And this illustration seems to be a pretty good prediction.

Based on the same platform as the Ford Fusion, the new 6 is larger and roomier than the current one.
And with a lot more style.


Anonymous said...

This looks like the RX8's Wife. But it's nice looking.

Anonymous said...

I understand that L-Finess of Lexus is originally too close to Mazda. So, they are all now too similar.

Lexus IS = L-Finess + Series 3 + Mazda 3
Lexus GS = L-Finess + Maxima
Lexus ES = L-Finess + Camry = Mazda + Camry
Lexus LS = L-Finess + Series 7

This Mazda 6 is Mazda with more style.

Anonymous said...

Just what the hell are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm confused... The current Fusion is based on the current Mazda 6. But the NEW Mazda 6 will be based on the current Fusion?

Wouldn't that mean that the new 6 is based on the same platform as the current Mazda 6???

What am I missing?

Vince Burlapp said...

The current Fusion is based on a larger version of the current Mazda6 platform.
The next 6 and current Fusion will share that "larger" paltform.

pastorshannon said...

Very nice.

I applaud Mazda for maintaining a level of passion in their cars lately.

I drive a Mazda3 hatch and I get stares and comments wherever I go. And I LOVE driving it.

It seems the Fusion is selling well too.

Vince Burlapp said...

get the real thing, get a ford!
i bet you do get stared at driving a gay car like the mazda.

Anonymous said...

So they're going to make the Mazda 6 look more like an RX-8? At least it will look less like a Toyota.

adidas crosscountry said...

Douche... Meaning what? You get no stares when driving a Ford?

Sad. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Mazda's got its groove back... yeah baby!

Anonymous said...

douchebag jones wishes he would get stares.

or at least the kind where people aren't freaked out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you get the finger driving a Ford. hahaha

You must not be serious man... your comments are so ridiculously funny. We should all get an all american cadillac cimarron. hehe We'd have so much style...

Anonymous said...

Wow... I didn't think that Mazda could have improved much on their current 6, but this is just beautiful!