Friday, January 06, 2006

Porsche Compact SUV

Just another idea of what a small Porsche SUV might look like.
Seems a little too rounded to me. Maybe it's an old illustration.

What do I know anyway....


Anonymous said...

What do you know? Not much!!!

Just kidding - love your blog! Sorry the Auto Show sucks so bad!

Anonymous said...


TheTrashReactor said...

lookin' good. I like this alot better than what the Cayenne, whose front is too big, looks like

Anonymous said...

I too can edit a video together to make the Chevrolet display look empty in comparison to the VW display.
Just show up early to the Chevy display and take some b-roll footage. Then head over to the VW display right when the auto show is in full gear. Am I close?
You certainly do not conceal your detestation for GM when you are desperately trying to sound like a legitimate car journalist.

Having said that, the Aveo certainly is not as exciting as the Golf but the Golf is not anything extraordinary either. It looks like a four-door corolla. The current US golf is much more interesting. It is a shame VW is destroying some of its best vehicles by giving the new cars such generic styling.