Thursday, January 12, 2006


  • What keeps most automotive journalist coming back over and over again, year after year, are the many perks they get at Auto Shows around the world. (besides actually covering the news for their magazines...)
    The Los Angeles show is pretty minor compared to others. But still...

    Click on the picture and whatch.


    Anonymous said...

    Love this site but I HATE QUICKTIME!!!!!!!!!!

    Vince Burlapp said...

    Why do you hate Quicktime?

    It's free, it's the best way to see videos on the web.
    Millions of people have it.
    What kind of problems do you have?

    Anonymous said...

    You capture the essence of the industry so much better than anyone else, especially the PR drones at autoblog! Keep it up!

    Anonymous said...

    Sometimes Quicktime takes a while to upload, and sometimes you have to try more than once for it to work.

    Keep up the awesome website!