Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Mazda MPV

As we know now, this is not for us.
Fist picture I see of it in the streets, and it looks pretty nice.

But "our" Mazda will be the CX-9. Based on the Ford Edge with a similar V6.
From the pictures I've seen, the CX-9 doesn't look that much different than the new CX-7.
Just longer.
I hope I'm wrong...


TheTrashReactor said...

Dude, that looks sweet. And I don't like minivans. Its mildly aggressive, has a butch stance to it, and has some nice, detailed, "jewel" like taillamps. Why doesn't everybody sell their JDM vans over here? I almost wnat to drive the Airwave/JDM Odyssey, and would kill to drive it if I had a huge family.

Anonymous said...

The MPV is the only minivan that I considered Reasonable given it was the smaller...

One day Minivans will be as big as Regular vans. After all, they get bigger and bigger every year. I much prefered the size of the first gen chrysler minivan with its four cylinders.

When will we get V8 minivans with 4 rows of seats? What kind of family needs such big minivans? Do they really have 5 kids???? This is stupid.

Despite all that, I think it's a good move from Mazda even though minivans are still much more practical.

Anonymous said...

I think the CX-7/CX-9 duo is a great idea - little bro with the 4cyl turbo and big bro with the 3.5v6 and another row of seating.
Plus an MX9 sportsedan flagship is probable.