Wednesday, January 11, 2006

2007 Eclipse convertible

What a good looking car.
The Eclipse coupe already looks great, so you can't go wrong in turning it into a convertible.

The only thing that would bug me is the tiny rear window, therefore the giant blind spot.
Newer convertibles usually do much better than this. And it does turn into a pain when you drive around with the top up.
The car should start at around $25 000. Pretty much the same as the Mustang.

I wonder why I don't see more Eclipses around. I think it is a very nice car.
Have they destroyed their reputation so much in the past few years???


Anonymous said...

I never drove one but heard rumors that those cars are all show, no go.

I hope this one doesn't handle like an old buick but more like an S2000...

But it's definitively very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That is one fugly car. No wonder Mitsubishi is almost bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

BARF! I really didn't think they could make the Eclipse any uglier.

Anonymous said...

not sure how they are selling but where im from u see them all the time. i really like the eclipse, and this convertible looks better than what it thought because of the odd curves and angles of the coupe but its nice looking,

Anonymous said...

It looks like some kind of bottom feeder fish. Rental car.