Sunday, December 25, 2005

New Scion Xb

Here are some pictures of the new Toyota bB. The car sold here as the Scion Xb.
So it is safe to say the next Xb will look pretty much like this .

And I don't think it is as original as the 1st one. I am not sure if the weird colums shifter will make it here too.
It has a couple of interesting features, like the front seats that fold flat against the rear bench. (the 70's "Love van" is back).
A convenient tray in the trunk, and a "control wheel" for the stereo between the front seats. And, at least in Japan, you can have different front ends, chose between a few designs.

If it is making it here, I would guess it would be at the end of the year, as a 2007 model.


Anonymous said...

reminds me of a puffer fish

Anonymous said...

Actually it was recently announced, and posted on various blogs, including AutoBlog, that the ToyotaScion xB will not be the same car as the bB.. Additionally, the next xB will be extremely reminisecent of the t2B concept at the NY Auto Show in years past. It will be manufactured in the US, possibly at a Toyota-Subaru venture in Normal, Illinois. The car will feature the Scion tC's 2.4 liter engine.

Anonymous said...

^^ That's what I heard too. The next xB is going to be a little (or a lot) bigger than the bB. I don't know how the second generation can be more original than the "original."

Anonymous said...

Stop!! They are making fools of all of us. Even Toyota execs. can't figure out why this Kleenex box sells. Don't be sheep!

Anonymous said...

original, a short car that is shaped like a square and a rectangle put together with wheels, is original...... anything toyota i guess. hummer, g class, cube, element, and many other cars have had cars just like this for years and if not just like it the same exact shape, original, lol stop your killing me

Anonymous said...

Yes, the xB is ugly, but it was ugly in a different way. It was unbashful about being a box on wheel, unlike, say crossovers/suvs/station wagons/hatchbacks

This however, is pretty bad. Its very heavyily stylzed. I don't like it. I'd buy the first generation xB before this one.