Monday, November 28, 2005

Hyundai Accent Hybrid

After the Sonata, Azera and Santa Fe, Hyundai is almost ready to seel the Hybrid version of their new Accent.

A very interesting car.
From these pictures, it looks like they didn't want to add a lot of fancy features like an expensive video screen etc... Just like Toyota claims it will do with the Camry Hybrid.
So the price shoulnd't be that much higher than the regular Accent, which starts at around $10 000.
Imagine a Hybrid car for well under $15000.

But Hyndai has also mentioned they will build a pretty limited number of these (maybe under 10 000 a year) to test the market.
I hope they have the resources to boost that output fast.

Looks like another winner for the Korean brand...


Anonymous said...

Hyundai is on a roll!
They've finally graduated and ready to rock the world.....when GM and Ford are retiring.....

Anonymous said...

Wow. The front end looks like a mini-2005 Ford Tarurus :)