Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lexus BS???

This great looking illustration is from the master Mark Stehrenberger.
And he's not wrong often...
From Germany, some info about a "smaller than IS" car.
Maybe just for the European market, where Lexus is finally trying hard to compete.
This model would go against the BMW 1 series.
The Hatchback version of the 1 series won't be sold in the US. They are waiting for the more boring "trunk added" version to be ready...
I am not sure the US market is ready for a really small hatchback Lexus either. Although that could be great.
It is supposed to be based on the same platform as the new IS. So RWD!

One thing is sure. The name "BS" would have to be changed for English speaking markets....


Anonymous said...

This illustration does not appear to have much of a trunk, even for a hatchback.

Anonymous said...

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