Monday, February 21, 2005

Alfa Romeo 159

The Alfa Romeao 156 replacement turns out to be called the 159.
And it does look great. Exactly what an Alfa should look like.
It is a bit larger, and is offered with a bunch or 4 or 6 cilynder engines, as well as diesels.
And, if the Fiat/GM deal had turned out OK, we should have been getting this car in the US!!!
Everything is now up in the air.

The US Alfa come back is constantly being pushed back.
Imagine having the choice of this car, against an Audi A4, or the lower end 3 Series or C class.
At least something different, with flair and character..

This is the now"old"156.
It came out in 1997, and was slightly retouched in 2003.
It still looks amazing for a 7 1/2 year old mid-sized sedan design!


Anonymous said...

This car looks great. Wish it were coming to the US. Id love to drive the GTA model.

Anonymous said...

Just a not to say thanks for your efforts on your car site. I check in everyday.