Monday, January 10, 2005

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

That's what I like to see.
A great looking affordable car! And I don't care who makes it!

This is the best looking Eclipse ever, and one of the best looking car today.
The interior looks like it's right out of a concept car!
You get a hatchback, a big sunroof, good engines and great looks. And it starts under $20 000!
But don't expect much resale value from a Mitsubishi.
So, only consider if you lease, keep it for 10 years or if you're crazy about it...

Even the "base" model GS has a great interior design. Look at the automatic shifter!

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Anonymous said...

Overwhelming Dodge interior accents, and the biggest torque steer monster 2-door in recent past. Mitsubishi can do better.