Saturday, January 01, 2005

2006 Chevrolet HHR

It's finally here! Well, almost.
The HHR is Chevy's PT Cruiser. It took them over 4 years to respond to the Chrysler phenomenon. Even with hiring the PT's designer!
And PT fever is gone, to say the least. But I think a lot of PT owners are ready for something new. And the redesigned PT Cruiser is not scheduled for a long while...
The HHR doesn't look like a PT, but everything about it reminds you of the Chrysler.
It is based on the new Cobalt platform and will use a 2.4 Liter version of that engine with 170hp.
Which is better, and a lot smoother, than the PT's base engine.

Even the interior seems to have the same proportions and feel as the PT.
The high dashboard, the armrests... It just feels like a more modern version of the PT Cruiser.
Which is not a bad thing.
Another small, roomy, retro car based hatchback is welcome anytime!

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does it matter? both vehics look like sh...