Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ssangyong SUV???

Just when you thought you had already seen the ugliest car in the world, the all new Ssangyoung SUV/Van thing shows up!

It is pretty much a perfect exemple of what-not-to-do in car design.A blend of 1980's Russian car design and a waffle maker. There is just to much to say here, so I won't even start.
The Ssangyong brand has for years, made capable and sometime almost attractive SUVs. They are even sold in many European countries. But I don't think this new one will ever be shown outside of Korea. Thank God!

And the interior manage to squeeze that many seats, with absolutely NO luggage space left...
The rear seats look almost as inviting as the interior of the space suttle.


Anonymous said...

The front end looks like a Dodge Caravan.

Anonymous said...

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