Monday, October 04, 2004

2006 Dodge Charger

Well... Isn't that a shame. Another legendary name is being flushed down the toilets!
This new Charger is nothing more than a Chrysler 300C, with a different nose, and a weird, ungainy rear treatment.
That new back end consists of a more horizontal rear window. Which will, no doubt, decrease rear headroom. It is supposed to make the car look more like a coupe. A total visual disaster.
The Charger used to have its own design. It's bad enough that they turned it into a 4 door sedan. But they did it on the cheap and re-used as much as they could from the 300.
It's not modern, it's not retro, it's a terrible mistake.
Before teh Mercedes take over, Chrysler had shown us an idea of what a modern day 4 door Charger could look like.

This is the result: the 1999 Charger concept. everybody loved it!
And 7 years later, we get this ugly brick! I mean just look at the difference! Sure it has a big V8. But these cars used to look "cool". That thing looks like a red neck mobile...

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Anonymous said...

You're nuts. The 2006 Charger is one of the most striking designs on the road today.

The 1999 show car is... so 1999.