Saturday, October 30, 2004

What to drive to a Halloween party???

This is always a classy choice. The 1971 Road Runner, dressed in Orange and Black.
You couldn't find a much better choice for your party needs...

No for the truly excentric choice: The Citroen Mehari. This was a sort of French Jeep, based on the polular 2CV, and made of fiberglass. But still a front wheel drive.
That's the same car Charton Heston drove in the movie "Omega Man". Go figure...

Another original, and a little easier to find here in the US: The Opel GT. Europe's answer to the Corvette in the 60's.

The "futuristic mind" will appreciate this orange Smart. A good choice.
This 2 seater version will be on sale in Canada next year. And it might even make it to the US with a diesel engine, getting 70MPH!!!

Now for the truly desparate: Public transportation!

This is not only what to drive to the party, but who to drive with!!!
Nothing says Halloween better than a slightly sleasy looking brunette, or a blond tease!


Friday, October 29, 2004

The Amazing Motor Girls!!!

Yes they are!!!!
The "Amazing motor girls" has to be the best "car-TV show-not-yet-on-the-air"!
Our good friend Babs Muller auditioned for it, and swears she got a good part that was "left-on-the-cutting-floor".

These amazing ladies will show you everything you need to know about cars, and more!!!
Like changing your tire in a miniskirt and high heels!!!
What a great show!

Check their movie:

  • The Amazing Motor Girls !!!

  • And don't forget their own Blog!!!


    LET US PRAY...

    ...That this horrible looking design is NOT the next Sentra!
    It looks like a eastern European design from the late 70's. Basically, unacceptable crap in 2004...

    Well...The interior is still really nice for a small car.
    That actually would be great if they could keep it for our market.
    Miles ahead of Civic ans Corolla.

    Thursday, October 28, 2004

    New Subaru R2

    Remember the Justy??? From the 80's?
    This was when Subaru was still considering selling small cars in the US.
    Well, the all new R2 is the new version of the Justy. And they should bring it over here.
    The same old thing, small outside, not so small inside... Blah blah blah.. But with gas at almost 3 dollars a gallon in the Hollywood area, cars like these would be a breath of fresh air!
    The main thing for us to notice, is the new weird front end design.It makes this R2 look like the "budweiser dog" from a few years ago...This will soon be the front end off all Subarus. Even the recently introduced Outbacks will have their front redesigned to match this!

    From this photo, it looks like girls like the car too!

    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    2006 VW Jetta

    The all new Jetta was always a Golf with a trunk. Now it's the "new" Golf with a trunk.
    The Golf was introduced last year in Europe and it's coming to the US next spring. With the new Jetta.
    Seems like they are now copying the Japanese designs! That's weird.
    The car is larger than the current Jetta. And the base engine for the US should be a 170hp 5 cilynder engine. With a V6 as an option.

    Don't you think the 2006 Jetta now looks like this Acura TSX? ( Known as the Honda Accord in the rest of the world...)
    I mean, just look at the window designs of both cars!

    2006 Pontiac Torrent

    The 2006 Torrent will come out in the spring of 2006. And it doesn't look that modern now!
    All it is, is a warmed up version of the Chevrolet Equinox, that was introduced a few months ago.
    From that illustration, it looks like only the front end has been redesigned! What a cheap way to create a new model.
    GM is back to their old tricks. That's how they pretty much killed their brand names. By offering the same cars under 4 or 5 brands.

    The Torrent will replace the Aztek in the line up.

    As you can see, there will not be much reason to get the Pontiac over the current Chevrolet model. One might hope for a new interior....
    Engines, body etc... Pretty much everything is the same.
    Don't they have enough money saved up to give each brand their own designs???

    All new Hummer H3

    Another gas guzzler, coming up!!!

    The new H3 is the "small" Hummer. The H1 being the original army beast, that was never ment to be on public roads. The H2 is a redesigned Chevy Tahoe, for over $50 000!.
    This new H3 is based on GM's mid-size pick up truck! That should make for a nice ride. Especially for the little kids who will ride on the back seats of that monster...

    Because most of the clients will be young moms, with 1 or 2 kids.
    Not the "cool, trendy jerks' they will, no doubt, feature in the comercials.
    But I have to say, the actual "Tonka toy" inspired design fits the truck. It looks exactly like what it is. And they will sell tons of it...

    The interior looks pretty decent. In a $15000 Toyota. But in a $35000 pick up truck based SUV???

    I don't think so...

    Tuesday, October 26, 2004

    2005 jaguar X type wagon.

    The 1st ever production Jaguar wagon came out last year in Europe. They then, said there was no way it was coming to the US.
    Well... Guess what. These are official photos of the 2005 US X Type wagon!
    It will only be available with the larger engine, the 3.0 Liter V6. Not the 2.5 Liter.
    This is great news as BMW stopped offering the 3 series wagon in the US. And at around $35 000, it is actually pretty competitive for that market. The small Mercedes C Class wagon starts at almost $40 000!

    Not much news inside, besides the new steering wheel. And of course, the wagon's folding rear bench...

    2006 BMW 3 series

    No, you're not dreaming. This is NOT the new 5 series! It is the ALL NEW 3 series!
    If they look the same, that's because they want to...
    It's that big "German susage philisophy".
    They all look the same, they're just different sizes. Mercedes and BMW are now masters at this game.

    As you can see, the new 3 even inherits (although as an option) the nightmarish iDrive system. That puts most comands under a computer mouse on the center console.
    And as usual, it will have great engines and transmissions. But the ride will be stiff, and the whole thing will be grossly overpriced!

    Monday, October 25, 2004

    What happened to....

    Remember this guy???
    That was , kind of, for a while Toyota's answer to the Chrysler Minivans from the early 80's. Toyota didn't really have a minivan, so they took their small Hiace van and brought it over here. And renamed it the "WonderWagon".
    It was actually a pretty good idea. There was a pretty big market for a small but roomy van. Especially one made so well it could almost run forever!
    But they stopped selling them not long after they finally came up with their 'grown up minivan", the Previa.
    That's too bad...

    Well, the original Hiace has never stopped being sold outside of the US. And it has a huge following around the world.
    So a new one is just around the corner, and I must say, even though the proportions are similar to the old one (A very short nose), it looks pretty futuristic. Much more modern than the boring vans we drive over here...

    Sunday, October 24, 2004

    Chrysler 300C Wagon

    Another on we can't buy here. And this is an American car!
    In the US, Chrysler (Now Mercedes) decided to sell their large car as a sedan,the 300C, while they were "giving" the wagon version of that same car to Dodge, the Magnum.
    These cars are basically the same, except the Dodge being a little bit cheaper, has a simpler grille with no chrome, and a slightly different dashboard inside. One is just a wagon version of the other.

    So what if they decided to put the Chrysler grille on the Dodge Magnum. Then you'd get the 300C Wagon. Only available in Europe! Why???
    Because Dodge in almost completely unknown over there. While Europeans remember Chryslers from the 60's and 70's when they were sold under Sumbeam (England) and Simcas (rest of Europe).
    And they've been pretty successful with their minivans over the past few years. Even the PT Cruiser (with a Mercedes diesel engine) seems to work pretty well...
    So that means: NO DODGE.
    Everything is a Chrysler. So far...

    Saturday, October 23, 2004

    Trepiuno Girls!

    Just for the sake of science. Here is a picture of the little 2006 Fiat Trepiuno next to a beautiful specimen proudly representing the human race.
    I think the car looks pretty small all right...

    And for a remake. The same car next to a Sweedish model (no doubt).
    The car looks even smaller...

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    2006 Fiat Trepiuno

    The Trepiuno will be the new version of the old Fiat 500. This was an icon in Europe for decades!
    But was never sold in the US. So guess what... The new one won't be either...
    Just like the new Beetle or the mini Cooper, the Trepiuno is pretty much a charicature, a cartoon version of the old model.
    The lines are very new, but somehow, the new and old have the same personality. It's great!!!

    And the best news: The price is supposed to be under $10 000!!!

    If only they could keep the production interior close to this prototype, it would be an amazing exemple of simplicity, with a futuristic touch...

    For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about. Here is a picture of the legend, the old Fiat 500!

    2006 or 2007 Chevrolet Nomad

    Lat January, GM teased us with this great, almost ready for production, concept based on the same platform as the new 2006 Pontiac solstice. (An actual production car).
    Rumors are that GM will build this car, but it hasn't been announced officially yet.
    What's the deal???
    Can't they see that if they price this under $20 000, it'll seel like crazy?!?!?!
    What are these guys waiting for???

    The new Nomad is a modern interpretation of the old 1954 Nomad Concept. Which was actually a 2 door wagon version of the then just released Chevrolet Corvette.

    The actual production version, the 1957 Chevrolet Nomad, turned out to be "just" a 2 door wagon version of the popular (and much cheaper) Chevy Bel-Air.