Sunday, July 12, 2020

2021 Ford Bronco Sport: looking good!

As we have seen from previous spy shots, the all-new Bronco Sport does not look at all l like its cousin the Ford Escape.
Ford did a really good job making it stand out and quite special looking.

Not sure about pricing, but this could really eclipse the regular Escape. The simple design has so much personality.
More on this very soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

2021 Nissan Frontier: the blocky choice.

Nothing new here, but I thought it could be interesting to see these 3 pictures together: 

The next Frontier pic from the recent general Nissan teaser. 
A photo that was supposedly shown at a dealer presentation.
And the actual thing, as a prototype driving around.

There is no doubt this will be quite a macho looking truck. The new squared-off shape and details are in sharp contrast with softer designs from GM and Ford with the current Colorado and Ranger.
And I think this is a good idea for Nissan.

The powertrain will be the same as the revised 2020 model. With a new V6 and a 9-speed auto.
I wonder if that combo will also be available in the upcoming, although unrelated, Pathfinder.
Since it seems the CVT is being criticized a lot. (Mostly by people who are not actually buying these cars)
Although I have never had a problem with it in various Nissan cars I drove. 
(It is actually great an super responsive in the Maxima)

What do you think? 
Will this blocky design help the new Frontier stand out?
Is it a bit much?

2021 Ford Bronco: new teasers

And, it is still looking really good. And exactly what peole expect about a reborn Bronco.

The 3rd pic appears to be the Bronco Sport. Which has nothing to do with the "real Bronco" since it is just a redesigned Escape.
Which is fine as well. Since only about 1% of people really want to do some serious off roading with their car/trucks. The smaller (friendlier?) and probably cheaper Bronco Sport should end up being quite popular. (And since the Escape is available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid, the Bronco Sport could very well offer these options as well.)
Unfortunnatelly, from what we have seen so far in spy shots, the Bronco Sport doesn't have an all new interior design. It still uses bits from the Escape interior, and the whole thing doesn't look as cool as the Bronco inspired exterior.

On the other hand, the "regular" Bronco interior seems great and as retro as the exterior.

More pics very soon. 

Friday, July 10, 2020

2021 Mercedes S-Class: are they even trying anymore?

It sure doesn't look like they are trying very hard does it...

Sure, body panels are different. But the glass area, proportions seem exactly the same.
While the S-Class has alwasy been a conservative choice, at least, each generation did look quite different from the previous ones.
Even setting the new design languages for their other, cheaper models.
This not only look 99% like the current one, it also looks like all their other current sedans.
Not a new design language...

So lazy...

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: another useless huge grille.

This is really too bad.

The new SUV version of the Corolla could have looked like a cute small crossover, like the Honda HR-V.
Instead, Toyota chose to give it yet another disproportionate plasticky and aggressive-looking grille.
Which not only looks out of place but also ridiculous. Since most of it (as usual) is not even functional.

This is really a weird trend. Decades ago it looked like grilles were generally on their way out. which made cars much more modern looking. (For a while, even the Honda Accord got rid of its grille and even had pop up headlights!)

Now it looks like a competition for the largest grille. Which looks especially horrible on small raised hatchbacks like these...

2021 Ariya: all-new video teaser

Again, this is looking really good so far.

Let's hope it has a decent range (anything over 250 miles) and is priced right.

(under $40 000)

This could be a great thing for Nissan.

I know most people who buy an EV buy a Tesla. They have done a great job of building up their brand image.

Still, besides going really fast their quality is questionable at best. And the interiors is subpar. Especially for the asking price. But the many Tesla fans will not even consider anything else. Just like German sedan fans a few years ago who would not even look at anything else.

Things will change. EV chargers are multiplying everywhere. Soon everyone will offer a Tesla competitor. Many of them will look better, cost less and will be much more reliable.

So far, the Ariya does look great. I really hope it does well.

Thursday, July 09, 2020

2021 Nissan Rogue: just a few more pictures.

This seems to get more and more impressive with each new picture.
Nothing dramatic, or really new. It just seems like a very nice package most people would like.
The key to a big hit for Nissan.

Except for people who are looking for a hybrid or even a plug-in hybrid.
Which, most competitors now offer. I have no idea why Nissan is so behind offering hybrids. I test drove the "old" Nissan Altima Hybrid many years ago and loved it. 
They seem to have given up on the technology while others have been getting better and better (The Accord Hybrid is wonderful)

In a couple of years, everyone will offer a hybrid option, or even make it standard (Toyota is getting there very quickly)
And, again, Nissan will be late...
Let's hope they do have something up their sleeves.
As the new Rogue looks like it could really keep the momentum going for them...

A 40MPG new Rogue would be very tempting for most buyers. And a big threat to its competition. 

2021 Nissan Frontier: a trucky looking truck.

We saw the shape of the new Frontier a few weeks ago as part of that huge Nissan teaser (bottom pic)
Now we get to see more. And it will be quite a squared-off looking thing.

Which I think is a good idea for Nissan. Since GM and Ford all have tried to make their mid-sized trucks more car-like, a smart bet is to go the other way.

The powertrain is technically new but already offered in the "old" 2020 Frontier. As a new V6 and 9 speed Auto.

it looks like Nissan is not giving up on any segments so far. They have 3 great new sedans (the Maxima still has a huge identity crisis). They are not giving up on the full-size trucks. And they even have an all-new Z on the way.

Good for them...

2021 Chevrolet Bolt "SUV": a few more pictures of the Chinese Buick version

This is basically the exact same car we will be getting in the US, as a Chevrolet. Positioned right above the regular Bolt.

I really think GM needs to lower the price of the "regular" Bolt when this comes out.
Since the slightly smaller Bolt already starts at above $37 000.
This new model will have some serious competition by the time it comes out, early next year.
Competition from the all-new VW I.D4, as well as the gorgeous Nissan Ariya.
Both of these models are expected to start at under $40 000 before incentives.
Although this new GM EV looks fine and more upscale than the Bolt, it seems smaller than the VW and Nissan new EVs. 

How much extra would you be willing to pay for this over the regular Bolt?

Mazda CX-5 spy shot: what's going on?

Mazda announced last year they would not have any brand new models for another 2 years. At least.
Which means no new Mazda6 or CX-5 any time soon.

But this prototype was recently caught in Europe. And it looks exactly like the current CX-5. So I'm not sure what's going on. Except maybe a very slight "facelift" upfront. Not visible from this angle.
And a new interior?

I think Mazda will be just fine with no new models until 2022. Since they have already upgraded the Mazda3 with a new Turbo option.
The CX-5 might be getting a few changes. And the 6 doesn't really need anything. It is basically as good as it can get until the all-new generation comes out.
Which will be quite a game-changer in the segment since it will offer RWD from a new platform, and a 3.0 Liter inline 6 cylinder.
Which would really make their already great sedan a sportier and classier, yet roomy, alternative to SUVs.

What do you think is going on with the picture above?
A mid-cycle facelift or a very early test mule for the next generation?

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: Mini Rav-4!

I think this looks pretty nice. A good move from Toyota to design this as a mini Rav-4.
Which is one of the most popular cars around these days.
So why not.
The interior looks lie a cross between the Corolla and the Rav-4. In a way, this could actually, maybe, steal a few sales from the "real Rav-4". 

At least in Thailand (where it is being introduced), it will be available with a choice of a 1.8 Liter engine with 140HO, and a hybrid version with 170HP.
It is about 5 inches longer than a Honda HR-V. 

Not 100% sure this will end up in the US yet. But it would really be a stupid move not to offer this in the US. A great move would be to make it a "Hybrid-only" model fo our market. Just like the new Sienna and Venza.

I think a hybrid-only version priced competitively against its "gas only" competition would clean up.

What do you think?

2021 Mercedes S-Class interior: Screen city!

At least on these early pictures, I think it is a case of "too much".
They even added a head-up display behind the 3D screen right in front of the driver.
The giant centered screen might be a first for Mercedes, but the Tesla Model S had it in 2012.

The rear seats also have 3 screens! And the ones attached to the rear of the front seats still look cheap like Pep Boys units.
Not sure what is going on with the lower part of the doors??? Are these giant screens too? With cameras on the doors? On top of that, how reliable is all that stuff? Especially from a brand that is not nearly as reliable as their much older models from the 80's.
This really weird "wannabe futuristic" approach just ends up looking like someone is trying way too hard. Especially when the whole thing is wrapped up in an exterior design that looks 90% like the previous generation.
it's just really weird.

As I mentioned before, this kind of interior design would look much better in the upcoming futuristic-looking EQS Electric sedan.

From what we have seen of the 2021 S-Class. I think it is heavily based on the current one. Basically all new panels on top of the old car. Keeping all the glass intact. (like the 2020 US Passat) And they might be using most of the EQS interior. All to save cost.

Since these big luxury sedans don't sell that well anymore...

What do you think?

2021 Nissan Rogue: How about a nice, casual video walkaround.

This is an early preview/walkaround of the all-new Nissan Rogue.

Very interesting to see it in real life. (kind of)

The interior seems very nice. Although I am not a fan at all of the "Bentley wannabe" pattern on the leather seats. But I think it is specific to the high-end model only.

The screen looks much nicer than on the official shots. And so does the wood trim on the dash.

The version previewed here is loaded and probably costs over $36 000. It would be nice to see a more mainstream model. The one most people will actually buy.

But so far, this looks very nice. But again, it is really too bad no hybrid or plug-in hybrid seems to be planned at all. A hybrid Rogue would be a great compliment to the EV only upcoming Ariya.

(Thanks to a reader for sending me this link)

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

2021 Nissan Z: more illustrations

More illustrations based on Nissan's official teaser for the new Z.

These look a bit more realistic than the one I previously posted a few days ago.
At least they don't have the old 300ZX tail lights. Still, the real tail lights are anyone's guess since we don't see them on the teaser.
At least it looks like a Z. Unlike the new "Supra" that is a BMW and doesn't look like a Supra (at least to me)
This will still be a real Nissan.

2021 Ford Bronco: a look inside.

Keep in mind this is still a prototype, and the interior parts don't show the final textures yet.

I think this looks exactly like it should. Modern yet tretro. And quite simple.
It already seems to match the exterior design perfectly. The screen looks pretty huge, and is still very nicely integrated to the dashboard.

This will not only make life very tough on the Jeep ranger, but it could very well be competing with low end versions of the new Land Rover Defender. Which starts at over $50 000.

New Mercedes S-Class: another teaser image

Mercedes is a little late.
Since we have already seen most of the new S-Class, inside and out, over HERE last May.

Still, this is official stuff. And you can see they are getting ready to focus on that huge new screen.
Something almost every single high-end car has, or will very soon.
Something the Tesla Model S has had since 2012.

I still don't think the 2021 S-Class will not be an all-new car. As it really seems all the glass parts are carried over from the current generation.

Apparently, they will introduce the infotainment (and that screen) tomorrow.
But somehow the rest of the car will be unveiled on July 29th and August 12th.
And the "world premiere" is scheduled for September.


Monday, July 06, 2020

Audi Q4 Sportsback E-Tron

The Audi lineup is getting quite complicated these days.
Every SUV model seems to have a more slanted "Sportsback" version.
And the upcoming EV "E-Tron" models seem to be all over the place.

We already know there is an all-new Q4 E-Tron coming up. Looking like any other Audi SUV. Which means like a cross between the Q3 and Q5.
And of course, this model will have its Sportsback version.
Which we will see as a concept version first.
As you can see from the pic above, the concept is basically the production version without door handles.
Why even bother??

The interesting part is the price. As the regular Q4 E-Tron is supposed to start at around $45 000/$50 000.
Much cheaper than the current "regular size" $78 000 E-Tron.
And it will qualify for incentives, which will make it a lot cheaper than the tesla Molde Y.

More on this very, very soon.

2021 Ford Bronco: another teaser image

I really think this will be a money-printing machine for Ford.
As it seems to look exactly like Bronco what fans expect. This will steal so many customers from the Jeep Wrangler.

If it actually is a decent everyday on-road vehicle as well, it could really be a huge hit.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

All new KIA EV: production version of the "Imagine' Concept?

I am afraid not.

As you can see, the prototype already has a much more angular design than the great looking "Imagine" concept from last year.
With its squared off A-pillar and flat roof, it matches recent Kia designs like the Soul or all new 2021 Sedona. Not the much sleeker new K5 sedan.
I guess this is probably based on the same platform as the upcoming all new Hyundai EV, which is based on the 45 Concept.

Saturday, July 04, 2020

2021 Nissan Z: some illustrations

These are kind of interesting. Obviously inspired by the teasers Nissan showed us a few weeks ago. (HERE
But they also look quite weird.
Especially that 90's inspired rear end from the 300ZX. Which doesn't match the rest of the car at all.

What do you think?

Should the new Z look like this?

Friday, July 03, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: coming next week!

We won't have too long to wait.
The all-new Toyota Corolla Cross compact SUV will be unveiled next week.

At least from this teaser, we can see a floating roof design. Something many people love to hate.
The new SUV will compete with the Hyundai Kona and Honda HR-V in the US.
From previous spy shots we have seen, it could look more like a raised wagon shape. Which would be nice.
And again, this could be another Hybrid-only model in the US. Which would be great and really make the new model stand out among its competition.

2021 Ford Bronco: more teasers

In just 10 days, the all-new Ford Bronco range will finally be unveiled.

As expected, the new Bronco will be available in both 2 and 4 doors.
Competing directly with the Jeep Wrangler.
While tons of fans are eagerly waiting for this. Even though, just like the Wrangler, this might be more of a pure Off road model that just isn't great for everyday use.
And quite expensive too. 
No matter what, I am sure that lost of people will be showing off with their new Bronco. And you can expect major dealer markups. 

It looks like they will present the new Bronco Sport model at the same time. Strange since this one is not related to the Bronco at all. It is actually a Ford Escape with a "Bronco-looking design".

I had high hopes for this one. Since the Bronco-inspired design does look great. But spy shots revealed earlier a super cheap and plasticky looking interior. Not retro looking at all. Just a redesigned dash top.

Maybe it'll look a bit better in the flesh... If it does, it would actually be an Escape killer.

Genesis GV70 SUV: Just a few more spy shots before it finally comes out.

It seems we have seen spy shots of the Genesis GV70 forever now...

So here are a few more. The interior actually seems quite nice. Even from just that door photo. "Oval" seems to be the main theme. It looks like, at least, they are trying something a bit different.