Saturday, August 11, 2018

2019 BMW Z4

The production model is obviously the red one .
The copper car is the cool concept we have seen before.

And once again, BMW's production version disappoints.
They made it different enough to be lame. (And the cheesy back bits adds on do not help)

I mean, why even go through the trouble of designing, building a whole concept car as a giant tease and  turn the production version into some blah mess a year later ???
They did the same thing with the 8 series coupe.
Just a weird waste of money...

I am nost saying the Z4 will be ugly. It has always been a very nice looking car.
But why make everyone compare it to the much nicer concept???

The new one just looks like a mild update of the previous model. (Which came out back in 2009!)
Not better at all. 

(Thanks to a reader for this )


Marshall Boyce said...

Who boy this is not promising. The 8 series was watered down but not nearly to the extent of theis. I think it looks really bad.

FusioptimaSX said...

There is no excuse why the concept isn’t the reality. NONE. This is BMW, not Toyota!

11Thirteen said...

Don’t know exactly what BMW is thinking. The concept was a bit more agressive. The front end of what appears to be the production just looks like
A joke. Rip bmw

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh... somebody forgot where they parked their Pontiac Solstice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They transformed a fashion-model in a market cashier

Barry Oppenheim said...

So sad! Concept would lead the pack....Production will just be 'meh'.

Another wasted opportunity.

Anonymous said...

The number one question I’ve always had for auto designers: why show a much cooler concept version of a car you’re about to release? From the Porsche Boxster to the Chevy Volt to yes, the Pontiac Aztek (google the concept, it was actually not bad), car companies continue to entice and then disappoint the types of auto enthusiasts who care about these things and who then influence their normal, less car obsessed friends and relatives. I understand that some concept features like headlights or mirrors, or even the body designs themselves may not be practical for production, but if that’s the case, why show them? This new Z4 design certainly isn’t terrible, but compared to the concept it’s a major let down, ensuring that the enthusiast community is going to be a lot less excited about the car than it otherwise might be. I would love to have someone at BMW explain to me how bumming out your most interested potential customers is good business because I sure don’t get it.

Barry Oppenheim said...

It would be a great conversation to have with some retired designers - it really would be.

We all understand that the car companies want to 'push' their new design language - and we also all understand that some of the design language (perhaps the side mirrors on the BMW concept) are more for 'show' -- and we've also heard, for years, about the 'bean counters' pulling costs out of the concept cars - we get it. And yet - BMW then demonstrates a sharp angle somewhere (like the BMW concept's hood, shown here), and then leave it off entirely, leaving a 'flat' hood. Yawn.

It would be refreshing to see a production vehicle actually look like 98% of it's concept -- perhaps one day.

Anonymous said...

Let's not jump on the BMW bandwagon bashing every time Vince the "Wagonman" posts a photo of a BMW. Hands down, one of the best looking convertibles in the market. MB and BMW know how to design them. Does anyone know of a "sexy" concept that made it to production ever? Except Subaru, of course :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... it actually looks similar in a lot of ways. But something was lost in translation. Maybe it's the glossy red paint and door handles that look like they're directly off of a Jetta. Or maybe it was the Toyota influence.

Philthy82 said...

"Does anyone know of a "sexy" concept that made it to production ever? Except Subaru, of course :)"

What he said. Watering down concepts has been done literally since the dawn of the car industry - complaining about it or pretending it's one manufacturer's problem is pretty pointless. I think production models now are sticking closer to the concepts than they ever had previously. Compare the current 8 series' relative closeness to the concept, and the 2004 6 series concept and production version: