Friday, March 23, 2018

2019 VW Touareg

 As mentioned before, we are not getting this. Of course.
Since it is a real German VW... And it looks really good.

I know the Touareg is a more expensive model than our Atlas. Still, just look at that interior.
It is about 100 times nicer than the poor Atlas.

Maybe some of its design will end up in our next Passat, due out next year. ( I doubt it...)

VW's 2019 new SUVs

 VW just had a presentation in China. Showing off "what's next" for the Chinese market.
Which basically means the US as well, since we are getting the same stuff.

And that SUV above sure looks a lot like the teaser we saw just a few days ago.
I mean, exactly. So this is the "smaller than Tiguan" thing for the US too. Instead of the really cool looking T-Roc they get in Europe, we are getting this.
Something that looks like it came out 15 years ago...

And this guy looks a lot like that other teaser we saw.
The one about a smaller 5 seater version of the Atlas. With a "lower roof".

I am sure VW is quickly trying to catch up to the surging SUV demands. In the US and China.
I just wished they would infuse a bit of style.

Most other brands are able to offer similar products in Europe and the US.
But somehow, VW can't. They also claim VW US customers just want "big and cheap".
When all they really want is "German" and "different"...

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

In a very surprising move, Toyota has just unveiled the hatchback version of the next US Corolla. And not the sedan.
Which shows the growing hatchback trend in the US.

The hatch looks like it will be the sportier version of the Corolla (Although that base white car doesn't look all that "sporty")

It is basically similar to the European Auris we saw just a few days ago. And it is looking quite nice and really modern.
Although the "tablet stuck on the dash" look is still rather unfortunate.
Otherwise, the interior seems to be a vast improvement over the current Corolla. 

It is powered by Toyota's all new 2.0 Liter. It comes with a 6 speed manual or CVT.
It will be available in 2 versions, SE and XSE. And comes standard with Apple CarPlay.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

More pictures of the Acura CDX

I was just curious to see what the CDX looked like in other colors. Most pictures on the web are of that rose/gold color.
I think it does look quite nice. And it is exactly what Acura needs right now.
Again, the Lexus UX is coming out soon. And an all new Audi Q3 is around the corner.
I bet Acura US dealers are getting pretty anxious.

The good news is that Acura has actually filed the CDX with the US patent office on December 12th 2017.
I really think it means it is coming here very soon.

The only question is: from where?
The Fit and HR-V are built in Mexico, and the CDX is using a similar platform.
Not sure if the US factory is fitted to build this.
Or they could just bring it over from China. Where it is already being built.

It seems that Chinese made cars are more accepted. But that might just be because people don't know where cars are made in general. ( I think most people actually don't care)

We are getting the Buick Envision an  few models from Volvo. Also the Cadillac CT6 Hybrid.
And soon the new Ford Focus will come exclusively from China.

What do you think?

2019 Mercedes GLB

Looks like this will not be a smaller G class after all.
Sure, it is more squared off than current sleeker Mercedes small SUVs.
But more like a smaller GLS than a baby G.

Which means it will compete also with the GLA or GLC???
These companies are putting out so many SUVS that are now competing with themselves.

This will be based on the new A-Class platform. The next GLA will be as well.
I guess this will be a longer 7 seater thing. While the GLA remains a "sportier" 5 seater.

I predict tears for those who were expecting something as cool as this. (The Ener-G Force concept from 2012)

Buick China

It is no secret that Buick is a huge hit in China. Has been for years now.

While the brand sold about 220 000 cars in the US last year, (another 19 000 in Canada)
they moved over 1.2 million cars in China!  Where they have over 5% of the market.
These are crazy numbers.

But, as you can see above, most of these models are still based on Opel cars. Except the larger ones like the Lacrosse, GL8 minivan and the Envision.
(They sold over 420 000 of the Excelle alone last year. Which is based on the Opel Astra.)

I was just wondering how GM will keep this going, without Opel.
They will need a bunch of all new cars based on new platforms very soon.
Since the deal with Opel probably only includes current models.

Maybe everything will be based on the next Cruze platform?
 I don't know, I was just wondering. Letting go of the company that provides products for your main cash cow seems a bit weird.

What do you think?

(You can check Chinese Buick models HERE)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Should Acura bring the CDX over here?

I say why not.

The compact CDX has been on sale in China since 2016, and I think it would fit very well in their US line up. 
The current RDX starts at $36 000. (Not sure if the all new one will be cheaper or more expensive)
That's a lot of room bellow it for another SUV.
One like the CDX which is already designed, already on sale somewhere and ready to go. 

It has a turbo 1.5 Liter engine. (Probably from the Accord) and an 8 speed automatic. 
Sure it is based on the HR-V, but Acura gave it its own design and interior. 
And it is over 5 inches longer than the Honda.

I think Acura should really bring this over here. At slightly under $30 000 I am sure they would sell plenty.
This could be a great alternative to the super weird looking Lexus UX. 

What do you think?

2019 Cadillac CT6

 Then CT6 was always a car I wanted to like. But never did really.
There was something about it that just didn't feel upscale enough for a top of the line Cadillac.
It even looked awkward from some angles.

From these pictures, it looks like GM has done a really good job. The Escala inspired front end looks great. And the rear end looks so much better.

The car pictured here is a new V-Sport version, with a new twin turbo 4.2 Liter V8.
That is 550 HP with a 10 speed automatic.

I guess you still need a V8, at least as an option, to be taken seriously in the luxury sedan business.

Hard to tell what's new inside. But at least, it looks like the console is redesigned (bottom picture is the current model)
An all new dashboard will be welcome.

This is a great improvement in general for the CT6.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2019 Ford Fusion

 In a weird move, Ford has made some changes to the Fusion.
Unlike the previous revisions from a couple of yeas ago, the new ones are not an improvement.
(new one on top) At all.
The lower bumper and lights are now almost weirdly busy.


In the back, things have been squared off. Again, why??? (2019 model on top)

The main changes are the new Co-Pilot360 features that comes standard.
It includes emergency braking, blind spot info, lane keeping system, rear camera and auto high beam.

And the Energi version now has a 20% longer EV range. With means around 24 miles instead of 20.
Which is still not great...

Ford has mentioned the next Fusion will be sold in made in China, but not imported to the US.
Which is pretty sad. (They also mentioned development on the 2020 Fusion had stopped all together)
The Fusion is still one of the best looking sedan available. And of the best driving.

It is really weird for Ford to give up completely on the mid sized market.
They still sold over 209 000 of them last year. Sure, it is down from the previous years, but its is a 6 year old model!

I cannot imagine Honda and Toyota giving up on the Accord and Camry. They are still making money from these.
Even Mazda has an all new Mazda6 planned.
And there is a new Altima right around the corner.

What is wrong with Ford ?

More pictures of the new 2019 Kia K900 (K9 in Korea)

Looking OK. I am sure it is pretty imposing in real life, since it is so big. But so is the current model.
I am also pretty sure it drives really nice.
The interior does look pretty great.
But so is the new Genesis G90 this is probably based on.

I just don't really understand why Genesis would spend that much effort and money to create a whole new luxury brand. And months later, release a model in direct competition. From their other brand...
It doesn't look sportier, or more luxurious than the G90. Just different.

So what's the deal???

This is the deal:
The Genesis G90 actually starts at "quite crazy" $68 000.
While the current K900 starts at $50 000.
That is a huge difference.

In price, the big Genesis goes against the $75 000 Lexus LS.
Making the case for a cheaper alternative.

But at $50 000, the Kia goes agains smaller cars like the Lincoln Continental. Which starts at $45 000.
The forgotten Infiniti G70 also starts at $50 000.
A Buick Lacrosse Avenir starts at $45 000.

The $50 000 Kia is actually quite a good deal.
As it doesn't go against the European competition. But brands like Lincoln, Lexus, Infiniti etc...
I think with clever marketing, (And maybe an even lower starting price of around $45 000), it could become a good seller in the segment.

You actually get more in every way, except the name.
This is pretty much the new TownCar. A better Lincoln than Lincoln was able to come up with....