Sunday, January 14, 2018

Nissan Concept SUV teaser

This could really preview anything. From a Juke replacement to a Murano.
It even has a bit of Lexus to it from this picture (NOT a good thing)

This is a pure concept, unlike the Acura RDX "concept".
This has not cuts for the bumper, no mirrors etc... So not a production preview.
And it looks like a crazy styling that would have to be toned way down for possible production.

So it could be anything...


Anonymous said...

Had this been a Toyota or Lexus Vince would be so positive and gaga! Lol

Anonymous said...

The concept is more likely catering to the Juke, however there have been rumors of the next Z being more butch like and no longer playing the role of a purest sport car; rather a crossover coupe. We'll have to wait.

Anonymous said...

The more we see of it, the uglier it gets.

dave hunt said...

The next Rogue, it looks just like the current one