Thursday, February 22, 2018

2019 Cadillac XT4

That is the interior of the all new Cadillac XT4 compact SUV.
I guess this might go against the BMW X1, Mercedes  GLA etc...

It looks like a total departure from current Cadillac interior designs.
The screen area/surrounding looks a bit weird. It looks like it might be able to tilt up or something.
And lots of buttons underneath.

It'll be really interesting to see official pictures. Which are coming very soon.

2019 Buick Envision

 The Envision SUV is getting a few changes for 2019. Just like the Chinese model did a little while ago.
The 2019 model is the one on top. Up front, it looks like a new grille, similar to newer Buick models, and new bumper.

Just like the Chinese model, the rear is all new.
Hatch, lights, bumper etc...
It is much more distinctive and fits the rest of the design much better.

Not sure yet about other changes. But the Chinese version has been upgraded to a 9 speed automatic.
As before, the US Buick Envision is imported 100% from China.

I have actually only seen a couple of these on the road, but apparently, Buick sold over 41 000 of these in the US last year. (!)
More than the Acura RDX with around 36 000. And about as much as the BMW X3.
Which is quite amazing actually...

2019 Volvo V60 Video

Enjoy the new Volvo V60 wagon in action. Inside and out.
In glorious "BurlappVision" video.

2019 Peugeot 508 "in the flesh"

 So this is what it looks like. First real pictures of the car. (And the hatchback)

It's fine. But still, after all that time, I thought the replacement for the "old" 508 would be better.
Some details seem very modern. Like the rear door opening, rear lights, dashboard...
But this is all made to fit in a very conservative shape.

Peugeot's goal is for the 508 to feel like a new car after 3 years. Sure. Why not.

They also claim the base/regular models compete with the Passat, while the more expensive GT on can be compared to the A4 and even the C-Class.
Not sure how that works. It's like saying a base Accord compete with the Camry, but the loaded Touring version is as good as a Mercedes.
(which it might very well be, actually...)

I am not sure German car snobs looking at a C-class would even walk into a Peugeot showroom.
(Unless the "German car snob" is only a US thing???)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How about even more pictures of the new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe...

That's right. Why not more?

On these pictures, the new Santa Fe looks fine.
But not as premium as I first thought. (Even thou I understand that black interior picture was 'stupidly" taken with a flash)
It seems OK, but nothing like the Mazda CX-9 interior....

Mazda 6 test drive coming up.

Just got a Mazda 6 today, for a week.
So far so good. We all know how good it looks. Nothing new there. The interior is also really roomy.

I will finally see what all the Mazda 6 fuss is about. I was very impressed with the new CX-5 when I drove it. So I am looking forward to this week. 

The only downside I was able to notice so far, is still the lack of Apple Car play. And the rather complicated audio system. It took a while and a lot of menu back and forth to replace the previous driver's radio stations memories/settings to mine. (Which just shouldn't be in 2018.)

Otherwise, this is a loaded 2017 1/5 model. Not the newer 2018 with the revised interior and the new Turbo engine.
(The new 2018 is not available in the fleet yet)

As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have about the car. 

More pictures of the all new Volvo V60

Looking great in its natural element: with humans and snow.

The cargo area also looks much roomier and useful than the current (maybe sleeker) model. 
Again, another great job from Volvo.

2019 Peugeot 508

Here are a few more pictures of the all new Peugeot 508.
(I wish they would release good pictures of the car. Instead of these cheesy semi-computer renderings.)

Although I am getting used to this conservative, yet elegant shape. It still looks a bit old to me.
The Mazda6 I am test driving this week is basically a 5 year old design that looks at least as good as this.
And the new Honda Accord has much more personality.
Its main French competition, the Renault Talisman, also looks more modern. 

Peugeot has mentioned that the 508 is indeed a hatchback. Even though they have not released pictures of the trunk open (Why???)
So this will compete directly with the Opel Insignia/Buick Regal. Now owned by the same company...

As for size, it is a bit shorter and lower than the previous model. And is about the same size as the Audi A5 Sportback

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

These are new pictures of the all new Santa Fe.
 It still looks very nice. Better than the current one.
The interior especially seems much more upscale (At least on the loaded version shown in the pictures)

These new pictures obviously show the 3rd row seat.
The new Santa Fe is longer than the current "Sport" version. but shorter than the current 7 seater.

So it looks like there will be only one version of the new SUV.

So far, in Korea, a couple of 4 cylinder engines are available. All with an 8 speed automatic. 

2019 Volvo V60

Another great design from Volvo. And another great looking wagon.

I think this is great. A smaller, more sculpted version of the V90.
Inside, as expected, things look almost exactly like the XC60. Which is also great.

The new V60 will come with 2 Hybrid options (At least in Europe)
The T6 AWD Plug-in with 340HP. And the T8 AWD Plug in with 390HP.
Non hybrid T5 and T6 versions will also be available.

It will go on sale in the summer.

In the US, the current V60 wagon starts at around $38 000.
But no pricing has been announced for the new one.

Volvo already has  page on its US site for the new V60.
Head over HERE.
You can even built one. In Momentum or Inscription versions.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2019 Volvo XC40

Volvo announced a new Inscription version of the cool XC40.
And also the availability of an all new small 3 cylinder engine. (Which will not be available in the US)

The Inscription version means the XC40 is finally getting the beautiful Volvo matte wood finish. Available in all their new models.
More good Volvo news....