Friday, April 20, 2018

Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept: why???

Everyone was expecting a Maybach version of the upcoming redesigned Mercedes GLS.
And I guess everyone was wrong. Instead, they chose an original design for their concept .
Which is fine.
They use the same grille as the gorgeous convertible concept we saw a while ago.
(The grille was actually the worst part of it)

Instead of designing a luxury SUV, they made a raised up sedan with a short, stubby trunk.
Which never works. (And look at that "split rear window for no reason")
AMC, Subaru and Volvo have all tried it before. And it always ended up looking goofy and much worse than the raised wagon versions.
Not sure why Mercedes chose this weirdo design solution to show off something called "ultimate luxury".

Also, as I mentioned before, the interior is not "ultimate luxury". As it really pushes the boundaries of how vulgar a car interior can be.

Again, someone mentioned in my earlier post that rich people with actually taste would rather buy a Range Rover 2 door. And I agree 100%.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Maybach SUV concept

It is no secret Maybach will unveil a new concept in just a few days.
It will be a high luxury version of the upcoming redesigned Mercedes GLS.

And I guess it might look like that picture above. Which looks like some Mercedes/Maybach press event.

Here is an official teaser for the SUV.
Which, with its thirds side window, does look a bit different than the red one on the picture above.
(Unless it is hidden from that angle)

This so me is the kind of vulgar luxury you would find by renting the most expensive suite in a cheap Vegas hotel.
(Now with gold trim everywhere.)

I just wonder what rich people with taste would actually buy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2019 Ford Focus Wagon video

And now for the wagon version of the new 2019 Ford Focus.

The one we are not getting.

2019 Lexus ES

Here is the first official picture of the all new 2019 model.

And it does look like a smaller LS. Which is what the ES has always tried to be.

The new ES will be the only mid-sized Lexus sedan soon, since the new one will also replace the super slow selling GS. (Less than 8000 sold last year) But the ES could now offer AWD.
And it will be sold in Europe for the first time (Effectively replacing the GS there)

Lexus has said to "expect the unexpected" about the new ES. It seems to be a nice looking car so far.
Just like any other generation. But I don't see anything "unexpected".
Unless they are hiding a hatch or something...

We will see the whole thing next week. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2019 Toyota Corolla sedan

Of course there will be a sedan version of the new Corolla. And HERE is is.
Looking fine.
I still think the new hatchback is much more modern looking. And for this generation, might end up being quite popular.

This will compete as usual with the Civic, new Jetta and many others.

See more pictures over HERE

Buick Enspire concept

This is one modern looking Buick.
It also looks like it wouldn't need too many changes to make the translation to a production car next year or so.

No official word about range yet. Although I have heard "over 350 miles" as a rumor.
With a 40 minute time to recharge 80% of the battery.

I really hope this becomes a a real car. Or that at least, many of the design cues end up somewhere on a real car.

Audi A7 E-tron

Just a couple of pictures of the E-tron version of the new Audi A-7.
Which will probably not make it to the US since VW has previously said "no plug-ins in the US".

So that's it for that...

Buick Velite 6

 GM just unveiled a brand new model called the Velite 6 for the Chinese market. Where it will be sold as a Buick.
The first picture on top show both versions. The plug-in hybrid as well as the pure EV.
This is the production version of the 2016 concept in the picture bellow.

Not sure yet, but it must share a platform with the Volt. And powertrains with the Volt and Bolt.

I think this is a great idea for Buick. And should really be offered in the US as well.
As a Buick or Chevrolet.

More on this very soon...

Monday, April 16, 2018

New Ford Focus Hatchback video

I think the design of the new Focus is fine. But I am not sure it is enough.
There is a lot of competition in this segment.

I still think the interior is bellow average. At least from pictures and videos.
It already seems outdated. Plus way too many shapes and lines everywhere. There seems to be zero style whatsoever.
I thing the current Civic interior is just way more attractive.
Same thing for the Mazda 3. And the new Jetta.

I am afraid the new Focus will age very quickly. And Ford will probably blame "lower than expected sale numbers" on the popularity of (higher profit margin) SUVs.

What do you think of the new Ford Focus?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

2020/21 Lexus CT?

Just when you though the new Lexus UX compact SUV was a replacement for the CT, we now have rumors of a next generation for 2020 or 2021.
(The picture above is just an illustration)

While the CT is not part of the US line up anymore, it is still sold in Europe.
And it seems that Lexus could use a next generation for their first EV.

So far the idea would be to have the pure electric version as well awn a Hybrid.
Which I think would be quite a good idea.

This would do battle with the all new A class from Mercedes, as well as next generations of the BMW 1 series and Audi A3.
And here, it could come back to compete with the Tesla Model 3.

Why not...

Geely/FCA "no deal"

This was sent to me from Europe.
Showing what I think is a Chinese Geely sedan, with a different grille.
It does look like the Geely/FCA talks might have gone further that we though.

As some of these Geely models would really make decent Chrysler cars. 

Here is the Geely model. Which I think is she same one as in the spy shot above.

I am still amazed that FCA has totally given up on the sedan market, while others are still making so much money from it.
I really hope a deal can be reach with someone else. Like Geely.
Which, at least, would push Crazy/greedy/destructive/short sighted Sergio out.

(I wrote earlier about that possible/aborted deal with Geely HERE. )

Saturday, April 14, 2018

2019 BMW X5

BMW is starting a weird trend where they are now making their SUV grilles as big and obnoxious as possible.
It will also be spreading to their cars. Like the "revised for 2019" 7 series sedan and the new 8 series coupe.
It started with the nightmarish looking X7 concept last year. And its now reaching production modes.
Like this next generation X5 (top picture)

You can see what I am taking about when you compare it to the current model bellow.
I just wonder if one day, even BMW fans will just think this is too much. Many of them might want to return to a more understated, classier look.
Imagine what these grilles will be in 5 years...

Head over HERE for more pictures of the all new BMW X5

Friday, April 13, 2018

New VW Lavida Wagon

As mentioned earlier (HERE), the new VW Lavida for the Chinese market is a somewhat cheaper version of our new Jetta, based on the exact same platform.

But as before, there will be a wagon. As previewed in these pictures. 
So a Jetta wagon would look a lot like this if VW decided to build one (Which will not happen since we already have the Golf wagon)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Chinese "Family": The perfect family car???

Yes, in a weird Bizarro World kind of twist, there is now a car actually called the "Family" in China.
(Where else...)

Not sure if they actually set up to build the perfect family car or not.
It does look a bit like the new Focus. (And maybe 36 other small sedan designs)
The interior seems OK. With that big "Family" logo on the steering wheel. (That alone might be worth the price of admission)

It is powered by a small 1.6 Liter engine with 125HP. (I guess it's been decided that's all a family car really needs.)
I wonder if they have other models like the "Single". Or the "Grandpa".

Or is it the name of the whole company?

Has anyone here ever heard of this? 
Is it a new company?
A sub-brand of some other company??

New Acura CDX Sport Hybrid

I have written about the CDX before (HERE)

This is, so far, an Acura model reserved for the Chinese market.
But Acura did trademark the name in the US last January, so we might end up seeing this over here.
It would compete with other small SUVS from Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc...

As I mentioned before, I think it looks very nice and would be a no brainer for the US market.

The model pictured above is the all new "Sport Hybrid" version.
Which, apparently, uses the same system as the new Accord Hybrid.
In the Accord, it produces a very healthy 212HP. And is rated at 47MPG.

I can't imagine the small CDX being much heavier than the rather large Accord Hybrid.
So the CDX Hybrid mileage could be pretty fantastic for a small SUV.

I think this is time for Acura to send this over here. 
So much nicer looking than the weirdo Lexus UX.

2019 Ford Focus Wagon

Yes, the new Focus will still be available as a wagon in most countries. But not here.

It looks pretty nice. Better than the sedan I think. And if ever sold here it would compete mainly with the VW Golf Wagon.
They could even give it the "Active" treatment. (Although the Ford "Active" modes do not have AWD)

I am still not a fan of the new Focus interior. I know it is not a luxury car.
But I think the current Civic is still nicer. As well s the new Jetta. .

2019 Lexus ES

Here is the first official teaser of the all new Lexus ES for 2019.
We have seen this front end before (HERE) .

There shouldn't be much surprises. Even though Lexus officially says: "Expect the unexpected", about the new model. Unexpected would be a hatch. Which it won't have. Or an EV, which it won't be.

Lexus will probably not mess this one up (They never did so far)
As usual, it will be based on the same platform as the Camry/Avalon.

And as you can see here from the blue logo, the hybrid version will of course return.
Probably now closer than ever in price to the standard V6 model.

We will see the whole thing in just a few days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2019 Audi A6 Avant

I do like wagons a lot. But I am also not a big fan of Audi's current designs.
So I don't think this is great at all. I don't think this is better looking than a Mercedes E-Class wagon, at all.
And the Volvo V90 is still 100 times nicer than this. In my opinion.

I  personally loved the old Audi 100 Avant from the 80's.
I think it is still a much more modern design than their current stuff.
And so much simpler too.