Monday, December 25, 2017

And now for something really, really ugly: 2018 Toyota Alphard

 That's right.
This is mind blowing ugly.

And it is not from a weird unknown Chinese company. But a Toyota.
The current Alphard van came out for 2015. And it is now getting a new "face".
One that is more inspired by super hero movie villains than actually car designs.

 Just when you though the Alphard was unbearable to look at, this shows up!

Another version of that same van called the Vellfire. Vellfire!!!
Which pushed the ugly to another level.

I wonder if they really meant "Hellfire". Which would actually make more sense for such a nightmarish creature.

 And things are not better from the back. As you can see.
This is way beyond the usual "What are they smoking?".
 Inside is expectingly horrible, but actually tame when compared to the outside mess.
And this is the current model. Out since 2015.
It was already super ugly.

Toyota just couldn't leave it alone. Someone there thought they could push the monstrosity a bit further, and they did...


Anonymous said...

that is seriously cool!

Carl Sandstedt said...

Sometimes question your styling calls, but NOBODY could possibly think this pile of vomit is anything other than an abomination.

BillyM67 said...

Yes, ugly, but, does it sell well there? If so, not so stupid.

Anonymous said...

This is a hybrid minivan so styling may be dictated by aerodynamics to some degree. Also, it is Japanese market only and they have very edgy taste versus cars meant for other parts of the world.

Harry_Wild said...

Toyota and Lexus just want to try to make as ugly a front end as they can. Each year they push the limits to more ugly looking front ends.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what it looks like...It's a minivan. As long as it's functional, it doesn't matter if the front looked like burlapp's face himself.

Speaking of which, vince thought the Lambo Urus is "really slick and different" Why can't Alphard be as well? See the bias here?

Anonymous said...

Judging from those photos, the nam is actually pronounced "RALPH-HARD."

No big meals before driving it, please.


Anonymous said...

this is the perfect escape vehicle when Godzilla attacks Tokyo....