Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More on the 2018 BMW 6 series GT naming scam.

 Once you see the interior, it is obvious there is no such thing as a proper "6 series". This is just a 5 series hatchback.
But that "number 6" will allow them to charge much more than the 5, probably.
Just like a 330 isn't a 3 liter engine but a 2 liter.
And a 340 is not a 4.0 Liter either, just the 3.0.

I think they are only getting away with this in the US. In Europe the 2 liter is still a 320.
As far as I know...
But Mercedes is doing the same!
 it's like a bad joke.

 I just knew that 3rd side window was pretty familiar...

And BMW can still take lessons from Audi on how to design a very pleasant 4 door hatchback.


Anonymous said...

The problem with the Audi is that it's so small in the back seat that it makes the whole "5-door hatch" idea meaningless. I went to drive the A7 for it's looks. I came away very disappointed with the test drive--and bought something with decent back seat room--NOT an Audi! The BMW 5GT was exactly the opposite. ( And the previous 5GT had a MUCH nicer back seat than this current "6" does -- especially when it came to the rear door panels.) In the end, rear-seat comfort trumps style in any 4-door. Those willing to settle for less comfort -- aren't seriously considering a 4-door in the first place. It's too bad we can't get the "sized to fit REAL AMERICANS" LWB versions of the 3 & 5 series; e-class, and Audi 6 in the USA. I think they'ld be an even bigger hit here than in China (albeit to a different audience-- familys instead of execs with chauffers)!

Anonymous said...

If I was going to pay that much more money for a hatchback over a sedan, I would prefer it to have better proportions than this. It is not sporty looking or sexy; it is very geeky and awkward instead. If I wanted more utility than the sedan, I would simply choose the wagon. The wagon looks much better than this mess.

Doug F said...

These hatchbacks are not attractive. And who knew that German design had fallen so far as to need to copy a mediocre Chevy design? Sad.

And that A5 looks exactly like a Ford Fusion from he side.

FusioptimaSX said...

Better. But still sad.