Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2018 VW Tiguan price

The all new, larger, Tiguan will start at $25 345 in the US.
(Add $1300 for AWD)
Which is just a few hundred dollars more than the Honda CR-V.
You can get a 3rd row of seats for an extra $500 and a glass rood for $1200.
That's not bad.

The most popular model will probably be the $29 080 SE. Which is a big jump...

And on top of that, there is an SEL model for $32 550 and an SEL Premium for $36 250.

So it goes pretty high.
But again, a fully loaded CR-V is almost $35 000...

The new Tiguan goes on sale in the US this summer. 


FusioptimaSX said...

That's actually priced quite appropriately for the you said, it's possible to get a CR-V for around $35,000 which I'm still trying to comprehend. Kia Sportages can even be had for north of $30,000.....would you ever have imagined that for that model?

Anonymous said...

The interior is a decent improvement over the last gen, but that exterior is sleep inducing. Those lights and grill at the front looks like straight out of 1987. No thank you!

Doug F said...

It's amazing that just 5 years ago a loaded compact crossover would top out barely above $30k. Now they are all $35k+++, for small 4 cylinder crossovers. Crazy, but people are buying them.

Anonymous said...

The first gen may have had its shortcomings, but I think it looked much better than this very dull looking new gen version.

Anonymous said...

I saw a white one in Paris last December.
Very nice in person BUT, its a VW.
Electric problems and let's not even talk about the resale value.

I'll pass.
The CRV is OK, but is a Honda, a good thing.