Monday, June 19, 2017

2018 Honda Accord teaser.

Here is the very first official sketch (plus a brighter version) of the all new Accord.
And it does look like what we saw in the prototype shots before: a larger Civic.

Which is just fine, since the Civic has done very well for Honda.
They sold over 366 000 last year. Which is more than the CR-V!

The "old" Accord still sold over 345 000 units. Quite an amazing number.

So a new Accord is a huge deal for Honda. Adopting the very popular Civic look is a good idea.

We already know the engines will be 1.5 and 2.0 Liter Turbo. No more V6.
Transmissions, depending on versions, will be a 6 speed manual, CVT or a new 10 speed automatic.
10 speed actually sounds weird to me. I mean, that thing must be constantly shifting (???)

And we have not seen a coupe prototype testing around. At all.
So I guess that's dead too. 


Anonymous said...

I am amazed that Honda is introducing the next cycle of engines and Acura will Can you imagine the RDX introducing the 2 litre in a freaking year from now? Anything wrong with this picture?

Korean Car Mania said...

No Accord coupe may mean one thing: return of S2000 which may also mean if smart: new Acura coupe which the brand needs a swift kick in the balls to wake up!

Captain Midnight said...

First decent looking Accord since 1993-1997 model.

FFEMT6 said...

I had high hopes for the new Civic Si, but since Honda didn't seem "Fit," (see what I did there) to place the detuned 2.0T in it, here's hoping the new generation Accord is something really special. I also hope the styling details are not over the top like the Civic. That SI rear wing is kind of rediculous IMO, not to mention the fake rear vents in the Si sedan. I always get excited when a new Accord generation is going to be unveiled. Probably more than any other make or model vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Hondas messed up angular multi look units are still coming. Great news if you are a competitor

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that Honda put some emotion in the design this time around.

Unknown said...

10 Speed is indeed a bit too much. I test drove a Land Rover Discovery sport with the 9 speed auto, already that was just constantly looking for the right gear.

Anonymous said...

Honda does need to step up its game soon with the new Camry debut close at hand. Accord and Camry are often cross shopped so Honda needs to show us the goods soon.

Anonymous said...

Honda will show the new Accord July 14 live on YouTube at 11:00 am

Harry_Wild said...

2018 Accord is a liftback design. Should be interesting. Hoping for a Tesla S knockoff but it does not look like it from the camouflage protypes. Looks strange to me!