Friday, April 21, 2017

The 2018 Lexus NX new face.

I guess. There are some differences.

But this is so slight, I'm not even sure current owners will notice. This is pretty ridiculous.
I mean I know the "mid cycle facelift" is some kind of a tradition in the car business.

But really. In this particular case: why bother????


Anonymous said...

Still ugly.

Anonymous said...

I think the gothic lines language of Lexus looks better in this smaller package.

Tard said...

With Lexus' face, it's not so much a "facelift" but more of an "anus botox."

Lexuses are freakin ugly.

Doug F said...

Which photo is which?

Anonymous said...

groossssss toyota bs and poor quality too. have you ever pushed slightly on those massive lexus grills? they wobble!!!