Sunday, July 23, 2017

2018/19 Lexus UX

We all know it's coming: a compact SUV from Lexus.
We even know that, in the US, it will replace the "Canceled for 2018" CT hatchback.

The illustration above shows another weird Lexus SUV design.
Sure it is toned way down from the monstrous UX Concept from last year.
Still, let's hope things change a lot from the one pictured above.

Let's hope this is all wrong....

1993 Cadillac featured in The Sopranos for sale.

This just popped up as an ad on my FB page...
(I guess I was looking at cars on CarGurus earlier?)

I was really intrigued by the bullet holes. Turns out, this car was featured on episode 8/season 6 of the Sopranos.
This would actually be pretty funny to own. For only $5000.
It is a '93 Sedan De Ville with 139 000 miles.
Although there seems to be only one picture available, and no condition is listed....

Imagine the looks you would get driving this around.

Head over HERE for (barely) more info if you're interested.

2018 Kia Cee'd

 The Cee'd is the Forte's European hatchback cousin.
Just like the new Hyundai Elantra GT is the Elantra Euro cousin.

I guess there is a new one coming out soon, even though it seems the current Cee'd just came out a while ago.
This next one looks more like the new Niro than the current Cee'd.
The current model is a great design. Let's hope the new one doesn't get more conservative.
Here is the current Cee'd hatchback.
A really nice looking car. One we don't get.

Instead, Kia is selling us the Forte 5. A much more boring looking hatchback version of the Forte Sedan.
Which is weird, since Hyundai doesn't do that for the Elantra GT.
We get the same car as they get in Europe. Not some weird "US only" hatch version of the Elantra sedan.

Mystery wagon???

Only one thing to say: What is this???
Next Focus wagon?

What do you think?

2018 Nissan Leaf charging in France

Just another picture of the new Leaf.
We can see the new front end a little bit better on this one.

Again, the Leaf is using the same structure as the current model. With new body panels.
And the same glass as before.
(Kind of what Toyota did with the 2015 Camry. Which was the same car as the 2012 with new body panels and same glass.)

We'll have to wait a few more days to find out about the new battery pack and new EV range.
Which I doubt will beat the Bolt...

New Ford Fiesta Vignale video in "BurlappVision"

Here is the all new luxury, "Vignale" version of the redesigned Ford Fiesta.

The one featured here is the 2 door model. Which we would never get in the US.

We also would never get this cool Vignale version.

And again, we might never get the new Fiesta to begin with....

(You can also see the movie on YouTube, HERE)

So this might be just a dream...

New Ford Fiesta Vignale video in "BurlappVision"

Here is the all new luxury, "Vignale" version of the redesigned Ford Fiesta.

The one featured here is the 2 door model. Which we would never get in the US.

We also would never get this cool Vignale version.

And again, we might never get the new Fiesta to begin with....

(You can also see the movie on YouTube, HERE)

So this might be just a dream...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

More pix of that Mitsubishi Expander

I have to say, these pictures look much better. Probably because they don't show that ghastly front end...

It also looks like a concept (One with tiny wheels)
Could turn out being actually almost OK...

We'll see...

Friday, July 21, 2017

2018 Mitsubishi Expander (Yes! "Expander"!)

I am not kidding.

That new Mitsubishi MPV I posted pictures of a few days ago will be called the "Expander".

It does sound like a joke.
Another joke is that front end design. What the hell is this??? I know this must have been done before the Nissan takeover, obviously.
Poor Nissan has A LOT of work to do to turn this mess of a company around.

I mean, they spend the little money they have into some small minivan thing. And made it look like this!?

All I can say is: good luck with that!

New Ford Fiesta ST Line. ("Title Text HERE")

The current Ford Fiesta ST is one of the most fun you can ever have driving.
it is powered by a 1.6 Liter engine with 197HP (less in Europe for some reason)

This new 2018 model now has a slightly smaller 1.5 Liter with the same HP. Except it is now a 3 cylinder engine.

There has been no official word about the new Fiesta being sold in the US. Which is really too bad.
I have to say, things don't really look good. Since Ford claims they cannot make a profit on the next Focus unless it is built in China.
I can't see them bringing over the smaller Fiesta, even if built in Mexico.

Which is really too bad. As it seems even better than the current one.

I have driven the ST a couple of times, and this is really the most fun you can have for $21 000.
It is quite amazing....

So, all we have so far is this VIDEO, in glorious "BurlappVision"....

2018 Peugeot 508

The new version of the 508 sedan has been testing for a while now.
So I guess it's pretty much around the corner.
While most of the prototypes we have seen seem to be a hatchback, like the Opel Insignia, this new one, caught in China, looks more like a sedan. (Hatch pix HERE)
So maybe, just like the insignia/Buick Regal, Peugeot will offer a regular sedan for the Chinese market?

Who knows....

Volvo XC-40 teasers

In an odd move, Volvo has chosen to release extreme close up pictures of the various textures available in the XC40 as teasers for the new compact SUV.

So now we now without a doubt, that the new model will feature wood and metal...

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Audi Q6 E-tron

Seems like at every auto show in the world, there is a new E-tron concept from Audi.

It looks like VW is very eager to compete with Tesla, and Audi is its best bet to go after that Luxury EV market.
(While VW itself will take care of competing with the Model 3)

Both concepts above look the same to me. H-tron and E-tron.
Above them is the actual production version.
Which does stay pretty close to both concepts.
Except they did raise the roof quite bit. So now it looks more like a regular A4 wagon. Which is too bad....
This will probably become another invisible design from Audi.
While the upcoming Model Y from Tesla will surely stand out...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How about more pictures of the Tesla Model3?

 Still not officially out.
But they've been around for a while. And people are still taking pictures.

Again, that interior (Better pix HERE) isn't for everyone....
The "floating iPad on top of a flat empty dash" look might turn quite a few people off.

2018 Buick Regal GS

The already good looking new Regal looks really good with the GS option.
Larger 19 inch wheels, a slightly more aggressive front end.
No spoilers, no black wheels or huge side skirts.

It comes with a 3.6 Liter V6 and a 9 speed auto.
It does start at $40 000 though... Which is a strongly huge premium over the standard model.

Speaking of that standard model.
It will start at $26 000. Which seems a great deal for a European sedan.
It is $2000 less than the outgoing model And only $2000 more than a Camry LE.

You get a 250HO engine, a hatch and an 8 speed auto.
A true German sedan (Still made in Germany) for the price of everything else...
Or a US/Chinese Passat.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More pictures of the Mercedes X-Class

 So this is NOT coming to the US, and we a re probably not missing much.

The production version looks pretty lame when compared to the concept we saw last year.
Sure, it's a pick-up truck. But it is also a Mercedes, and will likely be priced above anything else in its segment.
I actually think the Nissan Navara looks better (Above). And by the way, Nissan needs to get their act together and bring this over as the new Frontier.
Before everyone forgets about the Frontier....

 From the rear, the production model makes the concept looks futuristic. Which is kind of sad.

The interior actually looks pretty much the same, except for a few trims and color bits.
And it is still kind of a mess.

Again, I don't think we are missing much. I think the VW Amarok and Nissan Navaro (and its Renault Cousin) all look much nicer than this.

All new Mercedes X-Class

The production model is ht eyelid wine on top.
I just wonder why they just couldn't keep the design from last year's concept (White truck)

I mean really. It wasn't that futuristic to begin with. Why???

This is basically a Nissan truck with a Mercedes front end and Interior, so nothing pure Mercedes at all.
And, surprisingly, NOT for the US. (Because, you know, we don't like pick up trucks...)

More pictures very soon. 

2018 Rolls Royce Phantom

 Test after about 15 years, a new Phantom is around the corner.
Too bad the leaked pictures above show a weird blue/white combo.
As I am sure the whole thing looks much better in a nicer color.
(The bottom pic is the current car)

As you can see, BMW took a very "BMW approach" when redesigning the big Rolls.
So it basically looks the same. A bit slicker, and a bit more like the smaller Ghost too.
The headlights seem to be pretty futuristic actually. For a Rolls...

Inside, things are still kind of sad.
Again it's all new, but doesn't look like it. The dials, especially, do not look very expensive. They seem lost in that giant  flat area.
The whole thing is way beyond old fashioned. It just doesn't look like "15 years later"...

Pictures of the real thing soon.

Monday, July 17, 2017

2018 Nissan Leaf: Still not all new.

Just another picture of the next Nisan Leaf.
As you can see, (on these earlier pictures as well) the Leaf will not be an all new car.
It will have new body panels on top of the current car's structure. And all the glass is the same (Except the rear hatch)
(Which is what Ford has been doing on many of their models for years)

Having the same proportions as the current model, it won't turn into a sleek sporty car all of a sudden, like some predicted.

And why not. Most buyers just want a better range, instead of something 100% new.
Let's hope they can at least match the Bolt's 238 miles range...

New Mitsubishi MPV on the way?

These pictures could show an all new small van model from Mitsubishi called the XM.
Or not....

Either way, it looks pretty real. It could also just be a concept.
Whatever it is, it isn't huge since there are talking about a 1.5 Liter engine.

Mitsubishi has a long history of making interesting small vans.
Thai looks like anything else these days, nothing special at all.

Too bad...

Here are a few of the interesting small vans they produced over the years.
The first 3 (from top) were sold in the US, not only by Mitsubishi, but also through various Chrysler brands.

The other two never made it over here.

2018/19 Buick Regal GS

We all know GM has been testing a V6 version of the all new Buick Regal, called the GS.

These are pictures of the Chinese version.
Like before, the sporty version of the Regal looks pretty subtle. Except for the "mandatory" ugly black wheels.
Inside, it looks like more supportive seats and red stitching here and there.
Nothing crazy at all.

Our US version is supposed to get a 3.6 Liter V6 with over 300HP.

Alpine SUV coming up?

It looks like Renault is now planing an SUV for its Alpine brand.
An brand rich in sport car history.
Of course they will. It's hard not to see how much money Porsche is making with the Macan.

These are just illustrations, but I bet they are pretty close to what we'll see in a couple of years...

Just as a reminder, here is the current, all new Alpine model.
Not for the US....