Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Toyota S-FR concept

This is kind of refreshing. Especially for Toyota.
After the weirdness of the new Prius, Mirai. And other giant and aggressive grilles all over.
Scoops, lines, more lines.

This is simple in a cute retro way.
Described as a sub FR-S RWD sports car.

To me, this looks production ready. I mean, really. And would make a great Scion in the US.

It is small (While still having 4 seats). But still a bit longer than the new Miata.
So it's not crazy small, like that tiny Honda S600.


PGA said...

Looks Fun!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Even though a bit quirky in design.... A Toyota that does not look as if it were involved in an accident!

Carl said...

Not to be outdone by Honda, presenting Toyotas sporty car for the lemming market.

Anonymous said...

Great car! But I disagree that it should be branded a Scion. Toyota should just retire Scion. It's a failure. Even though Toyota's showrooms are currently an austere snoozefest, they have the dealerships and the marketing to make this a success.

Anonymous said...

FR-S needs to move over to Toyota as the Celica. This car needs to be a Scion...replacement for the tC.