Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scion iM hatchback and iA sedan

 We already know the iM will be a version of the European Auris model.
Which, itself, is basically a hatch version of the Corolla. (Same deal as the Elantra and Elantra GT.)

It looks like, at least, the front end is slightly different for the US market.

The iA is a small sedan. That Scion claims will me "more practical than a hatchback".
Which sounds like an impossibility .

Toyota has already announced a while ago a partnership with Mazda. Where Toyota would be getting its own version of the new Mazda2 sedan (Which we don't get in the US)

To me, that teaser pic for the new iA looks exactly like a Mazda2 sedan with a Scion/Toyota front end.

But that's just me...


Anonymous said...

Vince, I think you're SPOT ON.

Anonymous said...

It's all over the 'net. Lots of people are saying the Scion iA is really a Mazda 2:

Here's an example:

The Scion iA Sedan Should Be Fun To Drive Because It's Actually A Mazda

Anonymous said...

The Auris could be a Toyota Matrix instead and it would sell the same. I would rather have a Forte or Focus 5-door instead.

Mazda should be selling the 2 sedan in the U.S., not Scion.

Scion needs to go away. It's useless.